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what are the "lie" questions on MPPI - 2?

Started by falsely accused, Dec 14, 2007, 11:26:58 AM

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falsely accused

I am taking the MMPI-2, I heard there are 15 questions where they try to catch you lying.   That is quite a few questions.   anyone know what those specific questions might be?  

I know one question is   - "I sometimes lie"  True / False.

Of course all people lie once in a while.   I am religious and have certain ideals and standards I try to live by, and I suppose if I answered truthfully on some, I am wondering if it might come out that I am lying, depending on what those questions are.  

Just curious.


The only one who can answer that is a licensed psychologist - and I doubt if they're going to tell you since it would jeopardize their license.

Furthermore, I think there are multiple versions of the test, so you'd need to know which version you're taking.

My advice is to stop trying to cheat on the test.


Not a icensed psych but a master's candidatein counsleing who has just recently finshed a Psychological Assessments class.

What you need to know is that there is a thing called a "lie scale".  Yes, it wants to know if you lie but not in terms of specific mistruths.  What it wants to determine is if you are trying to "ffake good" or "fake bad".  People in custody cases almost aways try to "fake good"- heck- if you didn't want custody of your kids you wouldn't be taking the test, now would you?  People who tend to malinger will "fake bad", that is to say that they are worse off than they really are.  if you wanted to remain on worker's Comp you might want to try to "fake bad"

My advice, not only as a master's candidate but someone who has taken the MMPI-II three times in regards to custoy is to relax and be as honest as you can be. Of course you wantt o be seen in the best light possible.

When you take the test- don't linger over any questions, just answer as truthfully as you can and move on to the next question.

Know that the test is only part of your evaluation.  There most likely will be clinical interviews and parent child observations as well as other tests.

Custody evals are stressful.  Take really good care of yourself and try your best to realx.


Relax take a deep breath and stop obsessing over it. I know easier said than done. I had to take and IQ test allong with the MMPI II and some other test. I took them twice. Once when I was being tested for a Learning disorder in my first semester of college then several years later for my boyfriends custody stuff (we live together). Funny thing was I had saved the first one and compaired it to the results of the one I took all those years later. In what was 7 years I hadn't changed practally at all! The first one had my IQ at 116 second one 117. Both personallity tests said the same thing basically but the custody one said "has not presented herself in either a positive or negative light" the other one said nothing about that so I guess that was just assumed it was for me anyway wasn't intened to go to anyone else just the IQ part was to go to the college. And lets face it I would know if I was trying to present myself in either a positive or negative way.

They are actually fairly accurate. As part of the custody eval they did something called a "house tree person" test where you draw a house tree person. Then you answer some questions about it. And I was ticked I had to take the test, I had just had a baby, was nursing him, he refused to take a bottle and I had to leave him for 3 hours to take this test. That test came back saying I was "angry" well yes I was. The MMPI did not diagnose me as having any type of anger issues so it was fine no big deal but if that test said I was angry and the mmpi said it then there would have been a problem. All that came of the whole test was that it was handed over to the evaluator and the ex's lawyer. They read it never discussed it and never refured to it again cause it wasn't bad.

To more specificly answer your queston all the question can tell if your fibbing or not.  I walked out of there saying the test had really maybe 10 questions on it but they asked those same 10 questions like 400 times. Example How often do you drink? You pick the choice that says you hardly ever drink. Then they ask you Does drinking ever get you in trouble? NO never. Do you feel you have a drinking problem? Have you ever gotten in trouble for driving intoxicated? Do others feel you drink to much? and you get like 10 questions like that. NOT in a row they are all over the booklet.