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Jun 19, 2024, 07:30:15 AM

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we have a chance to change things ... but not for long ...

Started by rj4usa, Jun 24, 2009, 03:08:40 PM

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We need people (in various cities) who can do some research, and IF Child Support Enforcement (CSE) HAS CAUSED YOU or your post-divorce family severe financial problems / foreclosure / homelessness / etc. WE NEED YOU!

We have a limited policy window to attack the National and State CSE laws and change them. Our preliminary research is showing real numbers in CSE garnishments (from any state) followed soon by a foreclosure. We are beginning to think the unconscionably excessive garnishments by these agencies CAUSED many good post-divorce families with good jobs to fail instantly. Another wards, a good loan by any bank standards and credit became a black-ink loan when CSE takes all they can without regard for any post-divorce family or the fathers living needs.

The second prong of this political pitchfork came from a question. We have asked the question of Oregon's AG's office that oversees CSE:
HOW is it in MY Childs best interest to make me homeless?
I was told to get an attorney. I AM.

We hope soon to have some figures to make some national estimates on the cost to the American people (via black-ink loans they caused) followed by federal court actions holding DHS and CSE accountable for their actions. America is looking for someone to blame for last November and the National info structure for CSE hasn't been online that long - the timing for a lot of those foreclosures would be about right. We are going to call it "Family & Child Abuse" in the federal case since many cases we are tracking here made a post-divorce family homeless with kids.

Deadbeat Dad's give-up and run, FATHER'S DON'T and now we have the means to take the fight to them for those who don't know they can. If you or your family has been affected by any of the issues above please check out our new yahoo group and consider taking our polls (we don't know how you vote - but it gives us numbers to use!)
Fathers Against Creating Deadbeat Dads
Thank you for your time.