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Oct 03, 2023, 04:38:02 AM

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"Best interest of the children"

Started by tgastte, Oct 15, 2009, 11:34:07 AM

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Went to my custody, child support, alimony, DV trial today, first the judge handled the custody since i had the kids foe the last 4 years, he kept it that way, i got SOLE PHYSICAL CUSTODY and SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY which is all im fighting for, then child support since we had our first OSC back in may '09 the we'll be recieving $854.00 a month as a PENDENTE LITE order and support but since the judge found out that the kids are staying with me for the last 4 years he did ZERO out the child support and here is the funny part she has to pay me $5.00 a month in child support..coz she doesnt have a job but the judge told her to look and get a job so she can start to pay me child support since i have the sole custody of our 2 kids..judge gave her a deadline till march,24,2010 to submit her income and expense declaration and if she fails to get a job the judge will do an IMPUTED income on her part..which is really good, then alimony...the judge asked her why did she waited 4 years after we separated to file for alimony, she answered " i the court will grant her alimony then she can start moving into her own place from her studio where she's staying right now..and i also told the judge that her living quarters is not suitable for my kids to stay for overnight visitation..so alimony was DENIED-ZERO..then DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/RESTRAINING ORDER..all she told the judge was that i was scaring her and she should be protected against me..all the judge said was..THERE WAS NO BASIS FOR YOUR REQUEST FOR RESTRAINING ORDER COZ THERE WAS NO POLICE REPORT OR NONE WHAT SO EVER..so i guess me and the kids are gonna have a good HOLIDAYS ahead of us..no more stress!!! another victory for a responsible father and i did it without a lawyer coz im really short on funds..thank you for all your help,suggestions and comments..MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERY ONE AND GOD BLESS!!!



Quote from: MixedBag on Dec 11, 2009, 04:37:35 PM
thanks!!!!! this site is soooooo helpful to people like me..god bless all of you!!

Kitty C.

Way to go!  The kids win again!!!!!!!!!! 
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