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May 26, 2024, 01:02:38 AM

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Yakima County , Need a Fathers Rights Attorney.

Started by Great Father1, Jul 26, 2009, 12:03:46 PM

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Great Father1

Is there such a thing as a fathers rights attorney. If so I need a very well recommended one in Yakima County or one that can practice in the county. I want custody of my two children, Divorce not started or talked about yet, but leading that way, what can I do now to put me (father) in the best possible position to gain custody of kids, girl 8, son 4. I can and will take care of them as the need. mother has many issues, anger, gambeling, employment, medical issues (MS) , lazy, no house work yard work , will not do anything around the house, I bathe kids get them setteled down and tucked in at night, ect... she will not. need advise and help I am a very good father and live for my kids , I need a good attorney . thank you.


It's a good ole' boy network throughout the county.  They're gonna protect their women.  "Cowboy Country" Yakima is a cookie cutter court.  The guidelines, the guidelines, the guidelines.  See the pdf file on my site listed below. 

I have seen most, if not all of the family law attornies in action.  There is definitely NO Father's rights attorney in Yakima County.

Document everything you can.  Yakima Police Department will jump to her rescue if she calls and says you did anything wrong, even if you did not do anything.  They act first and don't think later.  They are biased.  (trust me, from experience(s))  The Yakima County Sheriff's department does a better job of being unbiased.  So hopefully you don't live within city limits. 

http://www.geopics.net/fathertime (http://www.geopics.net/fathertime)

That's my website above. 

My suggestion, import an attorney from the seattle area.  They will take any court misconduct, judicial or otherwise, to a different courtroom arena.  If you go with a local attorney, then you will "potentially" get an attorney who could "potentially" back off of your child's best interests, in the interests of maintaining a good reputation amongst his/her fellow officer's of the court. 

I am not an attorney, liewyer, mental health professional, pharmaceutical drug pusher, nor a feminist.

Good luck and contact me if you wish,

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