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dhs/termination of parental rights why why...

Started by shaunachauvin29, Nov 09, 2009, 08:22:03 AM

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help and inspiration during a tpr

child custody problems
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Ok this is my first time to put my problems out but after you read this you will understand why i am posting this i hope i am doing this right..
IN 2006 i lost my 3 children due to a addiction to drugs well i left my sons father to get away from the drug problem.i
I completed my service agree ment and got my 3 children back on feb 23 2007.
     Well my baby dad and i never got back together on may his dad asked if he could get james for the weekend well on the friday of may 20th i allowed my sons dad to get him that weekend sunday which was may 20th 2007 my sons dad and my son was on there way from slidell when his father crashed into a trailor with a full size van being pulled by truck well my son was put in critical condition and his fathered was killed on the sence..
Well 2 days later my son still in icu in critical condition dhs stepped in and kicked me out not knowing if my son was going to live are die i gave my sweet boy a kiss on his head and told him i love him and walked out the hospital....
  i went and helped bury his dad with so much emotions fear and self distruct i began on drugs again then the judge ordered a hair test well i failed 2 with little help from dhs i still have not regained custody back i am now stable completed substance abuse classes stable home and i just recently pd in full for my hair test to be done i go for a tpr this month and i am just scared any input would be great i lost my children and i hope and pray they will give my 3 children back and that the tpr does not go through they  never say about my drug use they say its because the children was not with me when son was in accident with his father ....