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What to do next?

Started by klewlis1, Dec 10, 2009, 01:00:32 AM

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Heres my situation. I live in indiana. Divorce was finalized on aug19th. We have a 2 yr old son together and she has not let me see himsince the end of june. I have in my divorce decree that i am to getvisitations every other weekend and 1 day during the week. Also in mydecree she is not allowed to move more then 60 miles away withoutproviding 90 days notice to me and the courts.She told me stay awayfrom her and the kids in june so i waited till the divorce was final topursue my parenting time.I went to her house the day it was finalizedto try to see my son and the house was empty so i asked a neighborabout it and they said she moved to texas. I dont have enough money fora lawyer so i filed a motion of contempt PRO SE.I found out hergrandmother lives in texas through a friend and got the address andserved her through certified mail with return reciept. As soon as shefound out i knew she was there she moved back here to indiana.I forgotto mention that she changed her cell phone number when she moved, so ihave had no contact with her since june.My child support is up todate.She is counter filing contempt for child support, motion to modifychild support.She is also claiming that i grabbed the wheel of her carwhile we was on the way home one night cause her to wreck and hurtingher and my son, which is false, we did wreck,we was argueing and shelost control i did not grab the wheel,she was hurt the baby was not!She is asking that i pay her lawyer fees and wants me to go to aparenting class, which i did in aug. in order for the divorce to befinalized. I found out today through a friend that she is gonna file aintent to relocate so she can move back to texas. I am so lost at thispoint. What can i do now my court date is dec 16th. Need all the advicethat you guys can give me. Sorry for this being so long i didnt want toleave anything out.


sounds like you're on the right track.

Bring proof of CS payment to court....

and stay out of the car with her.


Thx for your answer, is there anything i can file to keep her from moving away with my son again or can i just talk to the judge when i go to court over the other matters?


File a motion for child not to be removed from current school district or county or 30 miles (whichever you are looking for). If you get the motion in soon they may deal with it all on the same day. If you think she is moving now, file an emergency order not to remove child. This will get you in front of the judge in most cases the same day.