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Jul 19, 2024, 09:17:01 PM

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Visitation question

Started by hapyvallee, Apr 24, 2009, 06:23:41 AM

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I have full custody of 5 yr old nice and 8 yr. old nephew.  Their mother has visitation every other weekend. 
The children are enrolled in soccer and they have games on Saturday. Mother was sent a schedule of games in March.
The 5 yr. old girl realized this visitation weekend that she would miss a game.   Mom was called and invited to spend the nite and watch game, then take kids back.  (she lives 100 miles away)
    The little girl refuses to miss her game.  we tried to work this out w/ mom and she refuses to come. 
  Question...can she involve the police in picking up the child if the child does not come?

Kitty C.

Not absolutely sure about VA law, but most law enforcement officers will not get involved with such a dispute, as they see it as a civil matter, not criminal.  Unless they observe any abuse going on, then they have a duty to act.  She can certainly call them and they may show up, but if you can show proof that you tried to work this out with the mother and she refused, they will probably tell her she needs to work it out for the benefit of the child.

Just be prepared for a little drama if she chooses to create it.  But it's not like LE can come and take the children away......they only are allowed to do that in instances where the officer determines the child(ren) are in imminent danger.

Now, she may try to make life miserable for you later, maybe by filing a petition for contempt of court, which you would have to answer.  But given the circumstances, I can't see how that would go very far.  All this does is create undo stress and waste money better spent on the children (IMO).
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