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claiming child illness denid visits

Started by shellcode, Nov 29, 2011, 03:34:52 PM

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State of:NY

I have every other weekend visits and holidays,and joint legal custody.I was violated 2 times back in 2010 and was award make-up visits.And than was denied on my daughter bday this year,but the mother false accused of domestic violence.So case got dismissed,but I'm still fighting the order of protection.

So i have another accusation the mom is saying,"i don't feed my daughter,don;t bath her' that i was diagnose with retardation,she wants sole legal custody,because she want to flight out the country to see family,and she wants to suspend my visits!!

And now on thanksgiving i have my daughter 12-7 supposed to get the child at the precint,i got a txt from the Grandmother claiming the child is sick,and the mother was going her to the hospital,but didnt give me information on her health,and visit was denied.

so i went to the hopsital friday,and found out my name is not on the emergency contact,and also i got the record that the child was admitted but discharge same day,not serious,child is well,and could return work/school and no medication was given!

so is the mother held of contempt?? i have the childs medical records,and if the mother is held in contempt what action can i take? i have court date dec 8


Ask for make-up time again, next Thanksgiving, and father's lawyer fees for this contempt and any future contempt hearings. You can also ask that if the mother continues to deny visits that the father requests change of custody. (very long shot but the threat may stop her...).
Is the court date on dec 8th a contempt hearing?
Bring all the documentation to court, make copies of everything.


The Dec 8 is what she accusing me of and she wants sole legal to go to Domician Republican,and i filed a violation on her what she did on thanksgiving so they add it all together same date.


is it possble to change the visitation shecdule? i dont want pickup-and drop off my child at the precint mother or grandmom drops the child late all the time,and always causing problems in the precint they dont how to behave like adults.I;m willing to pick up the child at school 3pm and drop her off monday morning


Yes, you can change the parenting order but you would have to fill out a modification of visitation paperwork. A judge "may" listen an order it on Dec 8th. I am in NY too and it is getting harder and harder to move out of state with child. A case here, the judge told mother, you can move but child stays here.

Maybe ask that she show return flights or have child's passport flagged so she does not just take off with child. You can flag passport now. Call them and with joint custody you can stop her from leaving until court. If she does not have passport for child, then she needs your signature in order to get one (or have sole custody, which is prob why she is asking for sole???).

Did you respond to her petition? You can respond and ask that child not be removed from school district or 30 miles and if mother chooses to move out of the country, that father requests primary custody to continue his relationship with child, child can remain in same school, child can stay around family and friends including ex's family if they are nearby.

First see what comes out of the next hearing but be careful about asking for the school if she makes scenes. The school may not be able to deal with her. If she is making a scene. Kindly ask an officer to be out front with you just to observe. If she pulls anything, ask them to write it up. You can also video tape the exchanges. Also, you can ask that she do not get out of car.

Be calm at ALL costs at court. Just smile and say over an over you just want a great relationship with your child without interference from mother or grandma.


we had court date nov 10,and the judge ask if i filed anything,i said no.So i was appointed a lawyer, so now i have court date Dec 10,2011.And yes she wants sole legal custody because she already have physical custody,and i have alternating weekends and holidays,and alternating 2 weeks in the summer.I just need to add specific date and time,because she wants to go to another country in the summer,so visit family i don't even know.

she just want me out of her life and the child,i don't trust her because she ran away with my child on her birthday May 27,2011 i filed a police report and a violation but case got dimissed with out prejudice,i mean i sign the passport but she has to be back with in 2 weeks


is really hard for her to commuincate with me,she didnt even add me on the child emergency contact on the hospital or the schools.She wants to go to court and think she could get everthing she wants,like im not a father or dont exist