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Should I just avoid the argument..............

Started by Spaceman1982, Mar 14, 2012, 07:55:21 PM

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So my ex who was on supervised visitation never signed up for her visitations in January. They told her She ahd to petition judge to get re-accepted. She emailed me asked for phone calls so she could talk to kids while she straightened it out.....back in mid January. She said they could be recorded. I agreed beleiving she would do something with the courts and said 5pm Wednesday 5 per child to start.

Fast forward today.....no motion or warrant issues resolved. But at 4:57pm I set up the recorder and placed a call. The recorder recorded that it went to voicemail after ringing 8 times. It also recorded the automated message stating all her 7 digits in her phone number. I have called her back previous weeks, to which she didnt answer and didnt want to have girls just sit around again while we waited again for more anxiety. So we tried and nothing.........
Check email at like 6:30 and at 5:05pm she sends me this
It is 5 minutes past 5, and I am waiting for the girls to call me still. Are you not allowing them to talk to me now? Please let me know why.
Im done arguing and already ordered the transcripts from the recording app. We tried calling...she let it ring and chose not to answer again. I honestly dont even feel like responding to this cause all I see is it is her trying to pick a fight.
Your thoughts?


If it is not court ordered then you are fine. You could speak into the voicemail and record "hi, it is xx, girls are here to talk to you, it is 5pm, the time we agreed, have the kids yell hi mom, talk to you soon " hang up.

You can also print out your phone records with the call.

I would ignore or just write "the children called you at 5:00 from xx phone number, it rang, 8x and you did not answer. This has been the xx time you have not been available for the kids call."

Maybe switch it, have her call at 5pm, this puts it on her to make the call. Give a cell phone so you can be anywhere and if it is wed at 5 then pick up.



The only thing is the recording device is a app on my phone.....have to have internet connection on the phone recording the call. Im at home at 5pm usually so I dont mind. She doesnt have to be connected on internet.And only problem is I cant trust her to call and record the calls.

I will have girls at least say hi next time for sure. I had never handled the "what to do if you call and no one answers thing" with them and didnt want to spoon feed them to say.

I did just ignore it. Nothing she can do about it. I agreed without a court order cause I was trying to keep her in contact with the girls.....but she does nothing. I may just have to stop doing it cause all she has done is made this a nightmare and she isnt even answering anymore.


Say "let's call mom, if she does not answer, you all can say hi mom together and you will try again soon". Then you say the voicemail is coming on...say hi, then direct phone in their direction without giving it to them, and you say, kids are trying to contact you, it is 5pm on wed, guess we they will try again next week. If this time is a problem please let me know so the kids are not waiting to talk to you
If she is not doing it at all and just making excuses, then just ignore all and wait for her to bring it to court. You can prove you tried in beginning but having kids sit there each wed at 5 for her to play games was not in the best interest of the kids.