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Apr 21, 2024, 02:17:50 PM

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Modified parenting plan,,,father took off with kids

Started by cristabell, Jun 20, 2012, 09:27:31 AM

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To start ill give ya a little background,,I am a recovering meth addict,,almost 7 years ago I relapsed and got divorced,husband got children with me haveing no visitation cause I didnt show up for court.Two years ago I asked the judge to modify the parenting plan.I did a hair follical test,took parenting classes and chemical dependency counsling,I have been sober for a little over 6 years now.At first i new were the kids were and then once my x learned that i was sober and had a stable life and that a more then likely I was going to get visitation he teook off,I have not been able to find him for the last year,.I had court on june 1 and the judge asked me to do a new parenting plan with reunification plans,so I did!! I sent it to his last known address and it has been returned to me,that wass no surprise.I will go back to court sometime this summer and the judge will sign my parenting plan.I had planned to find him through child support but he has closed the case,My question is besides hireing a p.i. what other ways can I find him? And then how do I go about enforceing the order since he doesnt want me to see the kids at all? do I just keep takeing him back to court?


Yep -- keep working it through the courts.

Finding him?  Maybe through the school system?


Tried that,,he took them out of school to home school them once he learened I could get there school records,,,He even closed the child support case so i cant track him there!! I think my next step is to petion the court to charge him with parenting interference or visitation interference,,what do you think about that?


oh absolutely....that's a separate issue from finding them.

Always follow up with the courts when parenting time is missed.

Homeschoolers are also monitored though by an office at the County Board of Education.....try getting an address that way....and information about their progress.  Get in touch with homeschool rules and get smart about that stuff.