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Feb 21, 2024, 08:23:50 AM

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A question taken child to another country

Started by shellcode, Jun 17, 2012, 05:29:50 PM

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Me and the ex live in NYC, our child is 6 years old, the mother has physical custody while me having every other weekend visits,and we have joint legal custody,while we alternate every 2 weeks for the summer.The mother has been out the country 2 twice this year, she met a guy over there, supposedly engage so soon.Now she wants to take our daughter over there on her 2 weeks that she has time with our daughter, she be going with her mother.And now she claiming that the guy might live with them in the U.S.A.My ex lives with her parents and she like 23 years, she work full time m-f 10-7,and the grand mother works also.The grandfather does not work he stays home all day..Taken care the child while the mother and grandmother works, so if this guy lives there, im not going to allowed it..I go to school tueday and thursday 6-9 so i have more time with my daughter, so my question is it possible to have physical custody of her? cuz now the ex is threating me to take me back to court cuz i won;t sign the possible..


I think we already answered the passport question elsewhere -- don't sign for one.  K?  And flag her name at the passport office.

As for day care and stuff, do you have "right of first refusal" anywhere in your court order?

If not, that's what you need to ask for and then get it defined.

If this man is gonna live with Mom.....and grandma and grandpa, do you have anything in your court order to prevent this?  You can't just think or say you aren't going to allow it.....that won't work.


I was order visitation back in June 10,2010, and was awared joint legal custody, because she has a history of violated my visits.But what u said i don;t have that in my order...