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a question about custody?

Started by shellcode, Jun 28, 2012, 10:43:09 AM

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Me and my ex lives in NYC, we have a 6 year old daughter, we both share legal custody, she has physical custody while me having every other weekend visits.And we also have alternating 2 weeks in the summer, the time this order was granted was couple of months ago, she was not working so she had full time with the child, but now she does work full time m-f and she get weekends off, but the child stays with the grandfather i live like 15 or 20 mins away.

So my question is it possible to have custody with my daughter during the summer? another thing the mother went to another country twice this year, and leaving the child with the grandparents, and now she going again next month, she goes because she met a "boyfreind" that she barely even know and about to get married soon, not that i don't mind she stay with the grandparents, i believe i could be responsible for her and stay with her while the mother works and she took take her back on friday when she comes home from work...


You can go back to court at get First Right of Refusal which means that when mom needs a babysitter she must ask you first over anyone else. If you go back and ask for that make sure it is clear "If either parent needs a babysitter over 3 hours, they must first ask the other parent before any other family member, friend, babysitter". You need to give some time though for child to have overnight with grandparents once in a while.


i see, yea of course the ex lives with her parents anyway,so the child could be with the mother and grandparents friday thru sunday..


i don;t think i have that in nyc courts the right of refusal


If you do not have it, then you file a modification of visitation and you add it to your court papers. It is part of the visitation plan (parenting plan). The reason "mother is refusing father parenting time when she is out of state (country) with friends. Father requests that when mother is away or needs a babysitter more than 3 hours that he being given first right of refusal. This includes grandparents, family, and daycare. Father agrees to give mother same rights if he will not be with child more than 3 hours during his parenting time with child."