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Jul 23, 2024, 05:27:53 AM

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Placement, Child Support, Sexual Abuse?????

Started by CoryCandy, Jul 15, 2012, 12:58:19 AM

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In May, stepdaughter moved out of ex boyfriends apartment. They have a 4 yr. old daughter. She left with the fear that he had sexually abused her.  She witnessed him masturbating in front of her, said he would bath her with the bathroom door locked, and he was contiuously on porn sites on the computer.  She made an appointment to have her checked, he found out about it and cancelled it.  She later called Child Protective Services & was advised to take her to the ER.  CPS opened an investigation & denied him visitation alone.  Two weeks later, without explanation, they closed the investigation.  The child was physically examined, but there was no psychological testing done.  CPS will not give her any reports. She was forced to let him have visitation even tho she still fears he is abusing her in some way.

She started Child Support Procedures in May and a hearing was finally set up in July.  Four hours before the hearing was to take place, she was informed by Child Support that the ex hired an attorney to get Sole Custody & she may have to pay him. He bases not paying by the fact that they have her equal time.  She was forced into "equal" time by the police dep't. when he called & told them she wouldn't release his daughter to him.  The attorney had the hearing cancelled and the meeting room in "lockdown".  Why would his attorney have the power to do this?  Something not right here.  WI state law states that "The mother of a nonmarital child has legal custody of the child unless the court grants legal custody to another person or transfers legal custody to an agency."  So, until this so called mediation takes place, why wouldn't she be granted child support???

I truly believe her rights have been violated by CPS, the police, and Child Support Agency!  When she called for Legal Aid, they told her they don't handle cases like this anymore.  We need help – what do we do?