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Jun 17, 2024, 10:34:09 AM

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Otsego County Family Court

Started by careyrn, Aug 01, 2012, 06:07:24 AM

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Has anyone ever had an experience up in Otsego County Family Court.  Have a fact findig hearing next week, and previous pre-trial conferences regarding granparent visitation/ fathers custody have been unorganized, intimidating and cofusing to say the least.....not to mention an openly hostile judge.  If the atmosphere doesn't make you want to give it all up I don't know what does........except that I love my grandaughter.  Any tips for a newbie?


I am in a different county but same thing. It takes months and months then finally a full trial. They try and get both sides to come to chambers with a deal. Have your lawyer go full blast and just get in for a trial. Grandparent visitation is hard to get in NY, bio parents rights and feelings come into play still in NY.