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Jun 15, 2024, 02:49:59 AM

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Is there a time limit on finnializing a divorce

Started by wvpoorfellow, Feb 12, 2013, 09:21:24 AM

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Is there  a time limit to settle a divorce if I'M under A Dr. care for having a stroke and need time to fully recover


With the help on my mother (spelling and remembering what Question )  I'm updating in case anyone was wondering
Both Dr's gave written doc that was submitted to the court stating I was to avoid the courtroom and not make any legal decisions at that time, by my Legal Aid Lawyer only by the demanding request of my mother and step father. Who also suggested that I request a audio copy of all hearings since my stroke to help me with my memory, since the stroke thank god only effected that. I FEAR my medical condition will be used by the ex to do permanent supervised visitations. My Legal Aid Lawyer agreed to supervised visitation 2 days a week and every other Sunday, to be supervised by my mother and step dad,  the ex pushed for no visitation or for her to pick who was to supervise. IF I don't recover fast the court wants to order an overseer, which is who? Can I request my own overseer and still have a Legal Aid Lawyer? I would like for my mother to be my overseer for she knows what I want in this situation, which is to have equal time with my children unsupervised. At this time I do live with my parents temporally due to my stroke. The ex refused to mediate or agree or communicate on anything before my stroke and still refuses, advised not to by her lawyer I guess don't know.  If the court system in WV is suppose to be doing whats best for the children how is basically removing or placing supervised visitation on a father who has done nothing but wants to have equal time, doing anything for the children but giving them the ok for mom to be the only parent. Any info would be helpful