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Please Provide Suggestions...

Started by baltimore_father, Aug 06, 2013, 09:08:03 AM

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Getting a divorce soon. Currently live in Baltimore City. Wife is from out of country (Canada) and I'm from NJ. We have a 2 year old. She will try and throw the kitchen sink at me. Need SOLID legal advice. Want fair and equal treatment. Need people who have gone thru similiar situation to please provide ATTORNEY suggestions.....


Can anyone help me with these questions?:

1.  Can we (wife and I) be legally seperated in Maryland, while living in the same home?

2. Does having bad credit negatively effect one's attempt to gain full custody of children?

3. Can one still pay child support is the court grants shared custody?

Thanks in advance


There was a recent court case out of the COSA where the mother and father still resided in the home. Negative credit will not negatively affect you. MD uses a formula when calculating support and applies that whether shared or sole. You can go to the circuit court library and locate the software that calculates support


SITUATION UPDATE:  Ex has my our 4 year old Mon evening, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri and I get him Sat afternoon.  Fighting for joint custody.  It's been this way since she left in October.  I'm trying to refiance the house; We're both on the title to the home and she's refusing to come off.  She's asking for (and entitled to) child support from the date of filing.  My question is: is she responsible for half the mortgage for the time she's been gone?  I'm curious if I can have what I owe her in retro child support offset by what she's 'responsible' for in the mortgage.  All comments would be greatly appreciated.