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Mar 02, 2024, 06:13:24 PM

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Should file for a enforcement or custody?

Started by shellcode, Aug 26, 2013, 07:49:08 PM

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We have a 7 year old daughter, i have every other weekend visits and 2 weeks alternating in summer, the mother has violated my visit back in 2010, and numerous in other times, like including the month past she wasn't in her home when i told her i was going pick up( than few hrs later calling me to get her, she like playing games) so i file a police report....So now the mother file a petition to take full custody for no reason, saying," i don;t feed my kid,i don;t bath her, the child doesn't want to go with u...and she wants to limit my visit, seriously i really don;t know what wrong with her, she maybe suffering from something, i don;t if she haunted by our past relationship and she takes it out of our kid...she don;t let me be a father, and making all this lie I'm afraid what else she going to say next that i molested her? this woman is very dangerous i don;t what measure to take in a case like this, i don;t want to take custody away from the mom i like to increased visitation, can that be possible? or full custody? would be better?