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Feb 21, 2024, 07:33:20 AM

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file for child support modification

Started by balleros, Dec 27, 2013, 01:35:30 PM

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When our order was done, I never went to court and I had decided at that time to stay home instead of going back to work and leaving a premature child in the hands of a stranger. Therefore, childcare was never added to the amount the state figured as child support. This was done late in 2012. Now I have the same job I had when I filed and I probably make $ 2000 more per year and the father has the same job and if there is an increase , it is probably minimum.
I filed to request shared child care and shared medical expenses. Where I live, child care is about $ 1000 per month and I have a $ 20 and $ 30 co pay per visits and high percent on lab work etc etc. Right now I stopped sending my son to speech therapy as I can't afford the fees and we have a bill from a hospital for $ 400.
What are my chances of getting shared child care added?
what are my chances of getting less in monthly child support ? because as I said earlier I get an extra $ 2000 per year.
The father situation seems to be the same as before: own a house, no other kids, same job


Depends on what state but you should get a percentage of the daycare and medical costs. If you both make about the same then you can split it 50/50. If you make a lot more than you may be responsible for 70 and him 30.  So it really depends on how close the two of you are with salary.

Speech therapy- Go to your local school district and ask for speech testing. The school district can pay for those visits and the therapist comes to your house (under 5 years old) or if it is severe, child can go to a school where speech is given throughout the day -ages 3-5.

Since it was never addressed in court, it will be now. Bring your receipts of bills you have so far. Send a copy to father NOW with request to split bill. Send it certified mail to prove you sent it to him. Since there is no court order now, he is not under obligation to pay until the courts decide on the percentages. Bring speech paperwork that child needs speech.