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May 21, 2024, 07:20:20 AM

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Military Relocation from NJ to HI, Now we have new orders to FL

Started by CJHitch, Mar 23, 2014, 02:55:59 PM

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I'm looking for some guidance and suggestions.  I am filing a pro-bono Notice to Amend Motion requesting permission to relocate minor child (age 13) from Hawaii to Florida (3 yrs ago was previously awarded relocation from NJ to Hawaii) since my husband (sons step-father) has received orders from the military to transfer to Florida.

1.In my Notice to Amend Motion, how should I list the request for relocation?
Change in Relocation, Relocation from Hawaii to Florida??
I am also requesting a Change Visitation Arrangements and Change Travel Financial Obligations to reflect a relocation to Florida. 

2.  Can I change venues from NJ or Florida for future issues or do they only allow a change venues within the same state? 

3.  I would like to include something to designate College Tuition Expenses....  Does anyone have a sample or info on how to ask for that to be included?

4.  We would like to avoid going back to court for this issue should we be faced with more orders in the future.  How can I word that?  Basically, having to return to court numerous time (for essentially the same issue: relocation based on a military move), it is costing both parties more money, my husband (and in the past his Commanding Officer) testifies in court for the orders and is costing the government time and money. 

5. Child support is paid weekly but my ex has never supplied tax documentation to prove his income.  The judge always asked us what our income was and we both verbally gave it to him.  I suspect my ex 'low-balled', when I provided legitimate income.   I have also been unemployed for the last three years as Hawaii did not have suitable/comparable employment so my income has been $0.  I returned to college FT and started my own business and took a $10K loss for 2013.  How does that all play into Child Support? I know for a fact that my ex makes a decent salary.   How can I word all that so Child Support is accurately calculated?