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Feb 21, 2024, 07:06:11 AM

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what is "reasonable uninsured health care cost"?

Started by balleros, Feb 20, 2015, 04:01:58 PM

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non custodial parent is supposed to pay %50  of "reasonable uninsured health cost".
it seems that we both disagree on what it means
would it include meds?
would it include first aid or over the counte rif the kid has a rash?
would it include expesive parking fees at dr offices where therer is no street parking? we have 3 parking fees of $18 each


Usually means 50% of co-pays if she went to an in-network doctor or for prescriptions.

Not for parking fees, gas.....
Not for over the counter items (bandaids, creams)

She could take you back to court and always ask...might loose on the over the counter if it is something that the kid always needs month after month but a one time cream should be covered under child support.


reasonable is a fun word found in many different aspects of many divorce decrees....

And I just want to add that what you think is reasonable, might not be considered reasonable by the other side....on waaaaaayyyy too many occasions.

So....down the road, you might have to get reasonable defined by the court in a "Motion for Clarification".

Remember that you two are divorced for a reason....you didn't see eye to eye on enough stuff that divorce was a good option to pursue. 

Reasonable can be found in whether or not the other side has to tell you about appointments or school activities....or parenting time notifications....or reimbursing the other parent....or refinancing a house to release one party from the obligation....

Good luck....and come back often when you have questions and need guidance or advice or simply another point of view.