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Jun 15, 2024, 03:57:07 AM

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Cancelled Insurance, Just Found Out

Started by chilli123, May 07, 2015, 07:52:57 PM

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ok, if I were in your shoes, I'd tell my HR folks what happened -- because "losing coverage" under different circumstances is a qualifying event.  just don't know if "this" circumstance is one of those that are defined.

Like if I were to get divorced and lose insurance, I could enroll outside the open window.

Oh -- and some other thoughts come to mind.

Who is court ordered to provide insurance?

And from this point until insurance is reinstated, I'd insist that everything gets processed under insurance first (which there is none), and that the balance left is on the parent who is supposed to carry insurance.

And if you end up picking up the child on your insurance, file to have CS adjusted to reflect that.

You might even wanna file now to have that part of the decree updated and amended -- look at your CS calculation sheet and see how insurance is handled by your state.


MB- This child is a step child to the mother who cancelled the insurance.

You could send your info and child birth certificate to insurance and ask for termination letter so you can enroll in your insurance plan. Eventually you are going to need that letter or use divorce papers to do it. He has insurance now and sounds like they will back date it so no out of pocket yet right? Otherwise during divorce, get credit somehow for these payments (when you split everything up).


OK maybe I'm not being clear.

Problem is solved. We are getting our health insurance restored because her lie was discovered and reported. There is nothing else I need to do at this point that I haven't already done. If someone finds themselves in a similar situation as mine the remedy is calling the Dept of Labor, who will investigate and resolve. I don't need to do anything now with getting coverage until the divorce is final or other IRS defined qualifying event happens.


sorry -- didn't catch the family connections in this case....