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Feb 21, 2024, 07:25:18 AM

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Attorney refusing to withdraw as attorney of record

Started by 23ncp, Apr 04, 2017, 06:53:37 PM

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I have an attorney (who I highly suspect is a bad apple who plays both side of my case) that is refusing to withdraw as my attorney of record.

For tactical reasons beyond the scope of this post, I think the attorney wants to be the one served papers not me.

If I am too harsh with this attorney, I am confident that he will sabotage my case even more than he already has.

I have put in a complaint with the bar on the attorney in the past to no avail (of course). The only thing that accomplished was him withdrawing as attorney of record.

Shame on me, I went with this creep again. The interesting thing is, this attorney never wants to talk to me, is always too busy, raises his voice at me for no reason.....but is adimate to remain attorney of record.

What on earth do I do to gently get this guy off my case?



let me get this right.

You hired an attorney.

You wanted to fire him, and he didn't budge.

so you complained to the bar and he left your case.

You REHIRED him.

And now he refuses to fire himself.

Figure out how to file whatever it is you need to file yourself to fire him and have that entered into the record. And then represent yourself.  (not sure this is smart in your case)

Maybe do a free one hour consult with a different attorney to get their point of view on the why and see if they will take your case.  Better have a big retainer to go this route.

Pay off first attorney in full and then maybe they will budge.


OK, just read your other post -- do you have additional children beyond the one who is supposed to graduate?

If not.....let it ride....hang in there until graduation and then the case or situation goes away by itself.?


I would definitely consult another attorney or file a complaint against this one again.  Has he provided a reason for wanting to stay the attorney of record?


reason sorta divulged in Child Support thread IMHO