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May 26, 2024, 02:49:07 AM

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The States gross negligence

Started by overcomer33, Dec 05, 2015, 08:45:21 PM

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First and foremost, thanks to the helpful replies to my initial post regarding Arkansas OCSE issue. To recap briefly,  the State stated I owed over 6000.00 on back medical support and child support. Their records didn't record a cashiers check I gave to my X back in 2008. I'm assuming because I gave it to my X and not to the state directly. I finally found a copy of the check, sent it to the State certified along with a request for Administrative Hearing.  A month has passed and no word. The state continues to ruin my credit, and charging me arrears. The check I paid my X in 08 was for back child support NOT medical. So where they're getting medical is beyond me. I have always paid half of my 15 yr Olds health insurance premiums and I've never been informed by my X of any medical bills. My X has not allowed me to speak or communicate with my child in 3 years. My child doesn't want to see me or talk to me much less fly here for my summer visitation.  She says it will take time away from her friends. She won't even reply to me on FB. So I've given up and just so tired of my love being shunned and ignored. How can I get the state to listen to me and see my proof of payment??? Thx


Welcome back!  I just searched on your old posts and it's nice to see that you've come back "HERE" for help. 

With your current situation, I think you're expecting the state the JUMP and react too fast quite honestly.  If it's only been a month, give it another month, and then make an appointment to go visit them.   Given the holidays between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.....ya know?  Court moves slow....even last time, you were asking how long a judge has to sign an order....patience.


Thank you Mixedbag, yes patience I have little. I have proof and I know I'm right and I want the court to recognize the horrible misery they've caused me in the last two years since the state "reviewed" my case. Such incompetence impacts lives. I'm 2200 miles away from my child. Despite my Court given rights for visitation. My X : "your daughter doesn't want to see you." Despite this I drove to see her during my Christmas parenting time expecting a change of heart . When I got there my X refused visitation. Called my attorney who said wait til we go to court for contempt". I spent Christmas eve and Day alone in a hotel. My X has the ability to tell the state she received the money in 08 and solve this issue but she wont. She might even deny the money I gave her in 08 was for back child support since I didn't write support on the cashiers check. Thanks again.


Unfortunately, here on this site, many share the same story as you about their children and etc....

Keep after them and don't let them off the hook until the child is emancipated.....then keep after the child directly.

GET Divorce Poison...maybe you can undo some of the mind games that have been played.


You could send another registered letter to the state and say you have not heard from them since the last letter dated xxx. Give them you telephone number to contact you. Write "If I do not hear from you by xx date then I will be forced to file in family court to resolved this situation as it is impacting my credit".  That may make them move a little faster.

Bad news is: might have to go to court on this as you paid mom directly. The state can not change the amount due without an error on their part or court order. The medical may be if child ever received medical insurance through the state/federal program, they go after both parents. Here is main telephone number is a joke when you call but you can try to call and see what they will tell you over the phone regarding the medical. Ask them to send you the court order or receipts that are making you in arrears in medical.

As for the credit reports, fight it, send each of them a letter that you are disputing those amounts and ask them to get proof you owe it.


Thanks again guys and gals for the great advice. After emailing with litigation I received a reply from the states local office with remarks they credited my account for the 3460.00. I searched and searched my payment history and nothing has been credited and the aleged amount owed remains. A month earlier they put in place a Tax Offset on me for 7000.00!! Really?  I replied I asked why I'm unable to see this credit.



It's just a slow slow system....There's a certain time of year deadline for them to file for the tax offset.   Stay on top of their ass....until they get it right to the amount it's supposed to be.

I know one family who too paid one payment directly to the other side and the state won't credit the payor even though both sides have submitted paperwork that got turned into an order to the state.  Here in Alabama, they get nasty when the paying parent is 3 months behind.  So now this parent faces consequences if they are two months behind....fortunately, they pay on time etc.....but it's still not fair that when a state worker looks into the account, the perception is that there is one month missing.