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Jul 18, 2024, 05:05:42 AM

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Unclaimed funds?

Started by janM, Sep 08, 2018, 08:15:09 AM

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My son was to receive CS since about 2002. Mom rarely paid, was in jail a couple times, wasn't in child's life very much. GS is now 19, engaged, father to be himself.
My son got a letter from CSEA (Ohio) saying they were filing a 4D MOTION TO INTERCEPT AND TRANSFER UNCLAIMED FUNDS.

They got the Obligor and Obligee right, but it's saying it's owed TO her, not that she owes it. Anyway, he's going to call Monday to sort it out.

Anyone know what this means? Who does the money go to?


Sounds like the state still has the child support case open. Mom still owes the money even though child is 19. They will keep trying to get money from mom until she pays in full or it goes to court again to get changed. Looks like they found money in unclaimed account they can take and it will be put into the child support account. (Maybe old settlement, or past taxes that were owed but never cashed check...something like that). He can call the state child support hotline and ask or go their office. My state you can log into your own account and see what is owed and any payments made to account.


He'd love it if he can get that money. It doesn't say how much. The letter says her arrears is about 37k but I thought she owed more like 50k.

Thanks for the reply.