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Mar 02, 2024, 09:47:57 AM

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Dad wants visitation rights

Started by Donald, Jul 21, 2004, 06:01:42 PM

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It has been over two years now since I have been able to visit with my 15 yr old daughter. When she turned 14, I was informed that she had the right to cancel all visitation with me as she was now at the legal age to decide such matters in the state of Georgia? My daughter wrote a letter to me stating that she didn't want to visit with me, even though her older sisters continue to see me.

I find this highly suspect and have questioned my attorney about it also. There seems to be some grey area regarding the rights of a 14 yr old in Georgia. If anyone knows the legal ruling about the 14 yr decide on visitation ruling, please respond.

In my decree it states that "if the mother and father cannot agree on the visitation of the minor children, then the father will have the child every other weekend, from Friday evening to SUnday evening". This is what is written by law. I know in my own analysis of this situation that has been ongoing,  my ex is in contempt of this ruling, as she is the one backing my daughter from seeing me all together. I would like to pursue my visitation rights without a court order. Any advice is appreciated.