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Dec 08, 2023, 02:09:39 AM

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Contest the GAL recommendations

Started by Dadtods, Jun 01, 2020, 05:51:19 AM

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State IL, S15. Divorce ongoing.

Gal is not recommending 50-50 because she does not believe the ex and I get along well. Is there a way to contest her reasoning and ask the judge to overrule in a pre- trial?

She visited my son twice at home for about 30 ministers each wherein he said he will not take sides.
In ensuing meeting she did not want to even hear my reasons for 50-50 and I felt was biased

In last meeting with stbx the GAL said she will add domestic and international travel to her recommendations and when her letter came out omitted it.



Your son is 15? Usually judges rely on GAL recommendations and they interview the child and what the child wants , especially at age 15.
50/50 usually needs parents to get along as it involves school days/weeks. What have you been doing so far?