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Discconnected phone HELP

Started by wallyworld85, Nov 22, 2003, 02:55:54 PM

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recap... I am in IL my daughter is in FL.  I haven't seen her in 1 year and 1 month.  Agreement is waiting her signature for increased visitation and increased cs.  

I called my daugher TWO days ago and the phone was connected and my EX even had my daugher call me back (this is the 2nd time in my entire life that has happened)

Now I call my daughter today and the phone is disconnected.  How do I find out her new number!  I did all the online searches to no avail.  I hope they didn't move again!


Hi Wallyworld!  I am so sorry to hear that, we know how hard it is to not have contact.  I am in FL and SO son is in IL.  We have had the same experiences with visitation denial and disconnected telephone since 5/02.

He just filed RTSC and MOD Petition.

If you need any help, just let me know.



where in Florida is your child?  Let us know and maybe one of us floridians will be close enough to take a drive by for you to see if anyone is still there....


Internet is not going to show any information yet because it is a new listing.

Call information in her area and ask for her number, noting that it is a new listing.

My guess however is if she changed it, her new number is unlisted.

Good Luck!


She is in Tallahassee.  My ex works at the complex where she lives.  I wonder if maybe I could call and see if she answers her work phone.  I am sure if she still works there that she still lives there also.  But with all the caller ID, Call Tracer crap I am scared!  Also, she knows my voice and anyone that I know that could call and request "info on an apartment"


It could be just that she didn't pay the bill, in which case it will likely be reconnected soon.




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