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PBFH upset SD ?need help before Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

Started by madstepmom, Nov 29, 2003, 04:49:26 PM

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PBF called.  SD is with dad For thanksgiving first time ever!! SD called bio mom when she got home.  She asked if they could meet me halfway when I take her home and her mom said NO!!!  I don't have any money because my car broke down and your dad needs to send CS!  (she got a check on NOv 5 and NOv 24 for a month CS each.  And another will be mailed on Monday.)Anyway, SD says you already got one and you said when you did you would buy me some clothes.  PBFH says tell your dad to buy you some clothes.  and tell him to send more CS!  (when she gets the check it will total 900 this month.)SD cried.  She calls her a bitch.  She tells her the CS is none of her business.  (SD is 17)Anyway, SD wants to live with us and her mom says NO!
SD said she is not going home.  Says she  is sick of her mom putting her in the middle and screaming at her and blaming her for everything.  My question is can she do anything if she stays?
When I was 16 my mom kicked me out, then called the cops on me.  They told her there was nothing she could do.  
JUst wondering!    ~~HELP~~


State?  State laws concerning child's age and how much influence in the determination of custody.  Your state is not listed in your profile.


I think they're all in TX.  eom

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I would think a 17 year old could determine where she lives.  However, school change would be a big issue, most seniors want to finish their senior year at the school they have gone to.

I say give it a try.  What are the cops going to do anyway?  Its a civil matter. BM would have to take it to court, judge would talk to a 17 year old, and would likely go with her wishes.  

Make sure 17 year old isn't going to change her mind though!  Make sure she just isn't mad at mom for the moment over not getting new clothes, etc.  Good luck, let us know what happens.


If the child is serious about wanting to stay with you, keep, and file for modification in the morning.  The child is old enough for the judge to take her wishes into consideration, along with the bio mom discussing facts that are not to be discussed with the child.

Good luck


type mod papers, put non-lawyer wording at the bottom, have dad AND CHILD sign them so child is basically becoming a party, then file them,


when bio-mom goes bitchy tell her to take it up with the judge, i haven't met a police officer yet who will FORCE a 17 yr. old to go back... the 17 yr old can say, i'm just going to come right back if you force me to leave,


have the 17 ask the court for emancipation then she can live whereever she wants...

she's old enough to have some options here..


If your SD is willing to say she would rather live with you guys, let her say it in family court. They do ask children in custody suits where they want to be. Furthermore, if your SD is willing to state the REASONS why she wants to live with you (i.e. the BM is blaming her for things and demanding more CS all the time without using it for the SD's needs), the court will grant custody to you guys.