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Jul 19, 2024, 09:29:01 PM

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Kids mom is ruinning fathers relationship

Started by gadadgetstough, Dec 03, 2003, 07:14:50 AM

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I have become a pro se lawyer over the last 4 years since I have taken ex back to court 4 times. With a guilty ruling on her each time, she ran to tennessee while I still keep pulling her back to court in georgia. Now I have recently attached her with contempt of court for fourth time( last time judge put her in jail for 24 hours back in Sept.) and she still has problems meeting up to the court appointed visitation. She finally brought the two minor girls for thanksgiving and caused a scene at my home where she verbally abused me and my wife in the front yard in front of the children, my father, and my brother. She declaired that she would never come back to georgia and I had no evidence to get another conviction.  I do have evidence of child abuse by her so called male roommate through e-mail from her oldest daughter. Plus she still has refused school papers and medical insurance cards the judge told her to send registered mail. The girls expressed their desires to come back to live with me and their fear of the situation they are having to deal with in Tenn.  What legal stance or laws in Ga. that can help me get my girls back? Can anyone help? thanks