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Jul 17, 2024, 09:39:11 AM

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new boyfriend? what rights do i have

Started by keeph421, Jan 14, 2004, 04:54:28 PM

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I know that you can have a birth certificate change to add or change the father's name, if it is proven by DNA testing so conversely I would think you could remove the name if proven by same.  Either or both of these may require a court order - I can't remember, but in all likelihood they would require it.  All of the above could also be subject to state specific law.

CS ... not within my ability to answer, however I would also assume that cessation of child support could be ordered.  I am  100% certain that a court order would be required for that.  CS is a court order and you can't just "stop" something that is court ordered - gotta get all documents filed and an order.

I can see the next question coming - "What about all the CS paid previously?"  Don't know - that's a question for an attorney or to post on Soc's board.

Depending on the age of the child, and if there was never a dispute, it could get into a rather involved legal fray.  If Person A is not the father and did not dispute for 10 years, the courts might look askance at this sort of thing - not saying that it couldn't be done, however there could be some coal-raking of alleged father by the court for waiting so long to take action.

Please understand that you are asking hypothetical questions - without facts no one could give you any answers that would apply 100%.


You can't keep her from having anyone with her in the vehicle unless you have an R.O. against that person.  Just because you don't like him, doesn't give you reason for this.  FYI only.


We went through this, and it's true...unless, like you said, you have a RO against that person...otherwise, she can be with whomever she wishes while she has the children.


DH is paying support for a child that he believes isn't his own.  Ex got pregnant while they lived together, but DH works on the road and his older brother lived next door.  

2 yrs later a second child was born. They married after the birth of #2.
While both boys look like him, he and his brother look identical.  But the math doesn't add up.  She would have conceived #1 while he was on the road, and possibly #2 as well.

The problem is that some states have a short time frame in which to contest paternity.  Our state is 6 months.
It never occurred to him until the divorce to do "do the math".
He filed because she was having an affair and he found out.

By that time it was too late to contest paternity.  And he'd been there the whole time.  Helping raise the kids, changing diapers the whole thing. Even if they aren't his he cant imagine not having them in his life.
And she would never admit they weren't his because she's collecting a good chunk of change in CS.

So for himself and the kids he hasn't even done a home swab test.  I think it would break his heart!!


Thanks for your comments.  I find the subject interesting and some of the stories scandleous.  DH refuses to believe them.  I remind him life is stranger than fiction.