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Jul 19, 2024, 09:09:28 PM

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Make a noise...a BIG noise!

Started by alienated father, Feb 02, 2004, 03:37:37 PM

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alienated father

I have spent considerable time scouring round looking for information. I have found many very good sites and groups but fail to see much where all are pulling together as one formidable body. The Towns Womens Guild, some 50,000 strong have aligned themselves with the Fathers for Life group. This is a BIG move in our favour! But we need more, much more.

Fathers, Step Mom's, Grand Parents and Girlfriends. I NEED your contributions. Fathers the world over need your contributions. Unless we pull together to make one big noise the crimes against the worlds fathers and our children is not going to STOP! Visit and SUBMIT! It doesn't cost you a penny.

Visit http://www.alienatedfathers.com NOW! and PLEASE submit your story or anything else you feel fits within the framework of the site.

Thank you.


Thanks for sharing the link.  I'll check it out further tonight.

I'm wondering if there is a website geared towards PAS when the alienating parent is the non custodial parent.  I'm in a bit of a mess right now with my kids....

alienated father

Well, you've got me with that one. I'd be interested to know what the non-custodial parent is doing to alienate you as I'm sure many others would considering the uniqueness of your case.
There are many, mnay sites out there that deal with PAS, a simple search will reveal a plethora, and I would have thought they would still be useful as usually the main emphasis is on the PAS rather than which of the parents is guilty of it.
I'd be very interested to hear moe of your story and a regular update and I sincerely hope things improve greatly with your kids.
I can also strongly recommend popping into the chat room in the evening as there are many there with a mine of information.



The problem I have is that I'm not comfortable in groups catering to divorced, CP women.  I don't have the stomach for some of the subject matter, they don't understand what I'm dealing with, and I'm not sure what their goals are.

As for my story, just look at some of my posts here.  Even though I'm a female CP, I feel more comfortable here, because I need real, objective help with this stuff.  I'm just worried about my kids, because their whole future is at stake.  PAS depends on the individual child, I think.  My son is passive aggressive, and plays both sides against the middle.  My youngest is emotionally torn between doing what daddy says, and doing what I tell her she needs to do.  

I don't usually go into chat rooms these days, but I'll keep it in mind.  Thanks :-)