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Oct 03, 2023, 04:19:05 AM

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NJ family laws

Started by Al1971, Nov 26, 2007, 07:29:33 AM

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So, basically, you don't have any evidence that he's working under the table and he doesn't have a lifestyle that suggests that he does.

I think you're getting some bad information. If he fails to show up for a court appearance, they can issue a bench warrant, have him arrested, and throw him in jail.


It's called staying under the radar...but someone has to carry them to be able to do it.  Wonder what he will do when he runs out of people to enable this behavior...


but if you saw him, it's obvious that he has money.  Designer clothing, gold jewelry, etc.

They DO issue a bench warrant.  They do arrest him.  Then they let him go with a promise that he will make a payment, which he never does.

I have asked the caseworker to notify me when he gets arrested so I can be in court when he goes before the judge, but she never notifies me.  So.....I don't get a chance to talk to the judge and voice my concerns.  


His mother lives in senior citizen housing, so he can no longer live with her.  His brothers are all out on their own now (because the mother lives in senior citizen housing), so THEY won't let him live with them for free.  His girlfriend kicked him out TWO years ago, so I thought that she had finally smartened up.  But....I have heard rumors that the girlfriend has taken him back, so he still has her to carry him!  She's a fool!!!


This is EXACTLY how ex #1 got the ridiculous CS order he got. His wife's family had money, so they backed him 100% on the funding of the custody battle...he did carpentry work for the judge.

Anyway, he had nothing in his name and no regular income. While the first judge we had told him to get a job and the issue of CS was a wash, as he never paid and I was the sole supporter of a child in college, the next judge was a former client of my ex's, although I didn't know it at the time.

I have considered suing the state of SC.  Still think about it and believe that after my Mom no longer lives in SC, I very well may do that.


My ex had nothing in his name.  He doesn't even have an address according to the U.S. Post Office.

NJ is awful and I complain ALL the time to the politicians and they pretty much ignore me.

It stinks that there is a child support order in place, but nothing is done to enforce it!


According to you, he has no bank accounts, no car, no tax returns, no job that anyone knows about. Just how are they going to collect anything?

If you can prove that he has assets, then they'd probably go after them. But "he has ne clothes" just isn't going to give them anything to seize. Get a PI to follow him around if you wish. But without evidence, no one's going to believe the assertion that he has money.

Yes, they could throw him in jail and if he has repeatedly violated a judge's order, they should do so. But that's not going to get blood out of a stone.


does this mean that he shouldn't be required to support his children?????


It means the system doesn't work...it doesn't work for those that do pay and it doesn't work for those that aren't receiving.