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May 26, 2024, 02:42:52 AM

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Started by mo7818, Jun 26, 2008, 01:24:50 PM

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So I have had enough of the games and BS related to my custody case; I decided to to go on-line to look for something - anything to help me deal with it all. I typed in BM help with stepmom and tons of stuff came up...problems SM are having with BM, like tons of pages of these websites. Then I decided to look up stepfathers and there wasn't any chat rooms that stepfathers go to rant about the exhusband.

Why is there all this woman on woman hating - granted I can't stand my ex's new wife but it was just sad to me to see this. Maybe us mom's should take a break and let the guys duke it out for a while. Let them deal with the stress that us mom's think about.

I recently decided to let my husband deal with my ex. After 7 years of dealing with the same problems I threw my hangs up resigned my control to him. The guys can now deal with each other and us ladies know how guys are with "doing" things. This will be interesting to say the least and it will be a good lesson for me to back off and see where this goes.

Join me ladies - let's let the men see how it feels to walk in our shoes.