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Author Topic: When is support due  (Read 7925 times)


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RE: When is support due
« Reply #30 on: Mar 25, 2007, 06:22:41 AM »
Haven't read all the other responses so not if this has been answered yet.  

When is CS considered late?  We are in Georgia.  DH has one case here in GA and one in FL.  Neither GA or FL consider CS late until it is 30 days past.  DH has payed his CS both ways - directly to the CP and through OCSE.  The experience with OCSE (at least in FL) is that it took them at least 2 weeks to turn the money over to the CP.  He has been paying directly to the CP for 5 years.  

The CP in FL has us send her CS to a PO Box, which she checks once a week.  If she checks the box and the check's not there then she calls and threatens court action.  Mind you she may go to the box the day after CS is due or 7 days later, but she always calls.  In the past 5 years her CS has been mailed consistently within 3 days of the due date (one time in 5 years it was mailed 10 days after).  In those 5 years she has had her attorney file no less than 10 "motions of contempt for non-payment of CS".   All were denied; at one point the judge telling her that she was lucky to get paid consistent CS (and in full).  

The CP in GA gets her CS within a couple of days.

I have a friend who's ex pays his CS on the 30th day every month and he is still within the guidelines according to her attorney.  


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