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Author Topic: We have no way to contact child during CP's visitation...Please help  (Read 1201 times)


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What is the name of your state?AZ

The NCP (my fiance) with 50/50 visitation and the CP agreed to a one time change of visitation for us to take child on vacation out of state. The agreement is in writing and filed with the Court. The problem is in order to do the vacation the schedule had to change to Cp has child from June 27 through July 11 then NCP has child July 11 thru July 25. That's two weeks. Normally this wouldn't be a problem. Yesterday we went to meet CP for drop-off (about 2 hours for each party) the meeting time is 2PM the order states that if either party is more than 30 minutes late without a phone call than visitation is forfeited. Well CP was an hour late with no phone call, we tried calling her but her phone is disconnected. My fiance was calling CP's mom when CP finally showed up. The problem is she has the child even though "legally" NCP could have turned around at 2:30 PM and taken the child back to his home, the child is almost five and understands that mommy comes to get her. In other words we thought it was in child's best interest to wait and not have to explain. Anyway NCP has no way to contact the child for the next two weeks. He called CP's Mom and set up a call time at the CP's moms house and hopefully she will be there but she has been having a lot of problems with her bf (I mean the CP) with domestic violence etc. Any way NCP is very worried about both CP and his child and not being able to get a hold of her is really weighing on him. CP withheld visitation from him when he did not have a phone and the Court backed her up. Problem is CP had no problem doing that in front of the child. NCP does not want child to see him keep the child from CP.

Sorry so long I guess my question is
1. Is there something we can file with the court to make CP get a phone and until a phone is installed/signed up for child shall be returned to NCP?
2. Any other ideas. CP at one point was a flight risk, not sure how much so now, but NCP is worried 2 weeks without being able to contact his daughter would give a serious head start????    


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