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Author Topic: Miracles do happen  (Read 951 times)

Fortunate Dad

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Miracles do happen
« on: Aug 23, 2005, 08:08:14 AM »
Been divorced since 11/02 with two sons and was given the obligatory every other weekend deal since that is the sad standard. I have worked with my Ex for more time to no avail. But I did what I could do. Since she couldn't or wouldn't handle homework and both boys suffered, I offered to do homework with them during the week that they would be with me on my weekends. It was very frustrating since her week still produced poor results on homework and our son's grades suffered. I should add that both boys have ADD.

Well I've been doing that for 2 years and in fact, had to do homework every day for the last 3 months of this school year since our oldest was failing. One week with homework turned in and good grades - one week with little homework turned in and bad grades. Think we had a clear pattern there but none the less, our Mediator would do nothing about it.

But our son's counselor saw through it all very clearly and last night, our Mediator agreed to go to alternate weeks with us. One week with Mom, one week with Dad. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

My point on this is not being boastful but to let Dads know that while it may take time, and alot of effort on your part - you can have what I know allot of Dads want and should have - equal time with their children.

I happen to live fairly close to my Ex and I do run around allot to meet my sons' needs. That not only includes homework but also sports and hobby activities. Sometimes it has felt as though I was always running - but I think intact families have the same issues.

So for what is is worth - do everything you can, offer to help anyway, hold your tongue even when you're right - and a miracle may be right around the corner. It may not be on your time - but it can happen in time and your children will benefit throughout.


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RE: Miracles do happen
« Reply #1 on: Aug 24, 2005, 11:14:19 PM »
Congrats!  You are an inspiration to us as well as your children!  
God Bless!


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