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Child Support Issues / Re: CSE abusing power. Who to complain to?
« on: Oct 16, 2013, 03:15:38 PM »
Yesterday I took all my proof to the Governor's office and today I got a call from CSE stating they are finally go to fix it all right away! CSE tried to blame the situation on my attorney's filing of court papers when I don't have an attorney and my ex's attorney did all the paper filing. LOL! Finally good news here. It pays to go above CSE's head if they aren't following the rules!

Child Support Issues / CSE abusing power. Who to complain to?
« on: Oct 13, 2013, 07:53:54 PM »
CSE is changing records, abusing power, making false accusations and serious threats to innocent people. But who to complain to if you want to go over their head for this wrongful behavior? I've been told the Governor's office but not getting any responses. Are there any decent media contacts available?

Problem is that CSE refuses to adjust the CS arrears accordingly while at the same time threatening him by upping the arrears until he settles the matter in Family Court AGAIN. This has got to be abuse of power. I wouldn't think they have the ability to override the court. Just who is running the system? CSE or Family Court or are they one in the same? Don't answer... most of us already know the true answer.

Standing firm sounds good but CSE is unilaterally ruling that they can override the Family Court until told otherwise. Claimed facts can't be checked until the case is reopened and that creates an extreme hardship. I believe that CSE has overstepped their authority while creating additional unforeseen problems for this guy. Is there any recourse in the matter? Someone should be held accountable for the harm done. What if Family Court sides with CSE? They are basically allies so I wouldn't count on the Family Court system for justice in this matter. Just follow the money :) I am not sure what feasible options this guy really has.

I am in contact with someone who has paid off arrears in full as settled in Family Court. Now the CSE legal team states they made an error over 8 years ago and that the arrears amount owed has to be resettled Family Court. He's spent countless years and $$$ in court using the CSE records as accurate and now they are changing the numbers after the fact and threatening him.

Is there any recourse? Statute of Limitations?
Can they legally do this to him 8 years later?
Can CSE be sued?
He doesn't have the ability to hire an attorney so what should he do?

Just wondering what the terms are for emergency court filings. Whenever there is a contempt of court charge, the court hears the case within a few weeks, otherwise is becomes a few months. I am going to court in a couple of months to answer the summons but I need to be able get back to living in my own home before then. Is there some sort of emergency court filing I might be able to file to accomplish this?

Judge doesn't like me anyway. Once you have owed arrears, you are public enemy No. 1. You want to hear a little twist to this case? The person I am trying to protect is the same person who is locking me out of home. Go figure.

General Issues / Re: House lockout update
« on: Nov 28, 2012, 02:47:22 PM »
Too late, just got served today. Everything was used as a delay. Don't know why other people like to take advantage of a person's kindness towards them. Lesson learned. Just can't trust anyone anymore, I suppose.

General Issues / Re: House lockout update
« on: Nov 27, 2012, 03:52:11 PM »
yes we are trying to agree to place like DD but I don't think she is trying to serve me. Deep down I know she will want to end things uncontested, that I am sure of and that is what people close to her say. She is just having some sort of mid-life crisis right now and has someone giving her the wrong advice. I know her as a better person than how she's acting. It's like her values somehow changed with a flip of the switch. Hopefully I will find out more in a couple of days.

General Issues / Re: House lockout update
« on: Nov 27, 2012, 02:15:19 PM »
She finally agreed to have a talk about this in a couple of days. Hoping she will have a change of heart so that I am not living out of a box by this weekend. I think I am better trying this first. I am not looking for confrontation and she may just started to realize this if I'm lucky. Wish me luck on Thursday :)

Figured it was worth a shot to ask. Kind of figured the same. Thanks

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