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Quote from: gemini3 on Jul 13, 2011, 02:28:04 PM
Yep.  This is kind of old news... it's been that way for a long time.  But news to a lot of people because most have no idea. 

what is some current legislation that you find particularly dangerous for men and their quest for equality in the family courts?
General Issues / Re: Step Parents rights.
Jul 14, 2011, 05:06:04 AM
"Love your child more than you hate your ex"

WOW, very awesome quote bloom. !
Very awesome reply :)
Father's Issues / Re: SOLUTIONS AND METHOD
Jul 14, 2011, 04:58:11 AM
Quote from: ocean on May 17, 2011, 02:09:02 PM
A lot going on here...

What does your current orders state to see kids and is she allowing those visits now?

I will await your response to that to give you some more info...the only thing I can say is if you can get pick ups at school then mom can not interfere..

I agree, the federal DV agenda has become so strong now that they, I believe, have created a state in which it is common to falsely accuse to put the man on the defensive so that a woman is assured of winning.
Has anyone read the federal legislation and wording contained in the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D?

I believe this single piece of legislation is why fathers, paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, paternal aunts do not see their children equally and do not receive custody.

Basically this legislation establishes that if US States set up child support enforcement agencies to collect and report performance to the federal government then they have access to billions of dollars contained in federal coffers. I take performance to mean MORE child support collected each year. The only way MORE can be collected is if mothers get more time and custody.
One of the main problems I see with the continued biased courts, etc.... is that there exists major lobby groups like the national organization of women and the federal domestic violence groups which keep pressure on legislators, judges, etc.... to make sure that their agendas are met.

I see no real national fathers rights groups that are affecting legislation. Who here maintains dues paying membership to organizations that are aggressively pursuing equality in the family courts?
The Domestic Violence federal agenda and womens rights groups are working together to make sure men never win in court. By effectively shutting them down with sexual allegations they can never get custody
probably no laws broken but definitely with his/her licensure board.
Contact EFF

This is run by Richard Stalworth who has been fighting free speech online since the Internet has been around. They literally have thousands of ppl that can respond