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I'd love to testify...but I have court on Thursday.

I sent you an email.

Thank you.
Washington State Forum / I second this motion.
Jan 24, 2006, 02:31:11 PM
One more tree falling in the forest.  

Can you hear me now?
The scary thing is.... I understand it.
I understand.  

He/She [a href=](Administrative Law Judge)[/a] is determining the custody/custodian/custodial parent WITHOUT A SCHEDULE to go by in the rush to get money (and matching funds for the administration from the feds) for the custodial custodian with custody from the non-custodial meal ticket without a clue.
Good Stuff

I like it.  I'll investigate into this a little more.  

Mistoffolees quoted and replied:

>in some cases, YES, they are illegaly Administratively
>determining custody.

Your opinion.

Until the courts settle this issue, it is incorrect to state that what they are doing is illegal.


Beg to differ on this.  

A different scenario, off topic but with similiarities.

Black Hills in South Dakota
("Child" of the earth -- Holy Land to Native Americans)
Given to Native Americans in a Treaty in 1868.

There was gold found in "them thar hills" and the treaty was illegally broken by Non-Natives.  The land (custody) was illegaly taken for profit, Gold (CS).  The Native Americans stated all along that the land and all that it held for them was illegaly taken.  

The Supreme Court LATER (100 years or so) agreed with Native American Tribes and the U.S. was ordered to pay the Native Americans a monetary settlement.  The Native-Americans still want the land back, and have refused the money.  The money sits in "trust" accounts.  

Point being....  It's was illegal the entire time and still is illegaly withheld from the non-custodial "Injun" (Deadbeat Dad).

It is illegal to steal a bike, even if you don't get caught, arrested, and sentenced.

But it is just my opinion.  I can be opinionated.

To answer the question that I posed, and this is just my opinion:

 I believe that in a few cases that the State of Washington, specifically, is illegally allowing the Department of Child Support Enforcement to break that specific treaty, I mean that specific Revised Code of Washington (RCW).  But I do understand that the RCW is not the law, per se, but the law is, more specifically, the "Interpretation" of the R.C.W. by the courts. Technically, however, I think I have a hook.

But who really cares.

I have run into the same issue.  It's not what you think.  It is not cut and dried.  I think that it depends on your gender.  

(WA) State law states (lol) that there is a magical determination of the "custodian" by some law enforcement entity that can ascertain the custodian without evidence of the parenting time of the children.  


         "In the absence of such a designation, the parent with whom the child is scheduled to reside the majority of the time shall be deemed to be the custodian of the child for the purposes of such federal and state statutes."

There are no forms which request the parenting time involved for the above scenario.  No schedule to determine which parent should be deemed the custodian of the child.  Correcting this could help prevent parental kidnapping...but.... I'm just confused.  I don't know what I'm reading.  

So... the question is:  Is the Department of Child Support Enforcement illegally determining the custody of a child?
Contact a state senator or representative in the state's legislature.  If there is no action then you should probably write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and send it to the CSE superior in charge of the local office.  That should work to get some action.
Dear Socrateaser / RE: secret 3-way calls legal?
Dec 20, 2003, 04:43:05 PM
I would think that this is legal.  Recording is one thing.  I don't believe that there are any laws anywhere saying that you can't have a witness.  What would be the harm?  None could be proven in a court of law.  In another sense it is a form of self defense.

There is really no law stating that calls must be between two parties on a phone call.   I vote it's ok.
I'd like to get some feedback on peoples thoughts on giving these medications to children who are claimed to be ADHD/Bipolar.  

My niece is on some very serious meds.  I think that she doesn't need them and so does my brother.  We think that her mother uses these docs/meds/ss for her own individual reasons.   The child is not in school and they are headed to femily law.

I'd like some opinions if you have any...

Thank you,

[h1]Frontline PBS, The Medicated Child. [/h1]