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Hello Washingtonians,

I am attempting to hold a Father's Rights concert on the saturday before Father's Day of next year.  I am working on logistics right now.

I need to gather some bands to play for free and within the guidelines of father friendly songs. 

You can see some songs which I have in mind on my website. (  If you know of other songs of interest to add, you can send me the link, name, and other specifics on the contact us page.

It will be an all day concert or one set, depending upon the interest of others.  It will be in Yakima County.  It is centrally located within the state, and close to home for me. 

Please let me know if you are interested in helping, playing, or attending this 1st Annual Father's Rights Concert. 

Thank you,

Washington State Forum / Gov. Gregoire
Oct 16, 2007, 12:28:59 AM
Today there was a town hall meeting with gregoire in my hometown of Yakima.  

I made a special effort; preregistered and worked on wording for my question regarding father's rights (actually family law).  

When I got there, I found the closest seat that I could and I made sure to make eye contact with the governor.  The moderator initially said that he was going to circle the room in a clockwise direction, which would have allowed me the time to make my statement and ask my question.  But when the time came, the questioning went in the opposite direction and subsequently by the time it go to my section it was too late to ask my question and make my statement.  I believe that the direction was changed because of how I postured myself.  I was ready.

The point that I would like to make is this...

When you are in a similiar situation, smile, be happy, look stupid, and they'll ask you to participate.  Otherwise, you are a threat, and the moderator is adept at picking just the right citizen to fulfill their political strategy.

#3     Effective Date:01-26-07

and at least one more to come...

I'd like to get some feedback on peoples thoughts on giving these medications to children who are claimed to be ADHD/Bipolar.  

My niece is on some very serious meds.  I think that she doesn't need them and so does my brother.  We think that her mother uses these docs/meds/ss for her own individual reasons.   The child is not in school and they are headed to femily law.

I'd like some opinions if you have any...

Thank you,

[h1]Frontline PBS, The Medicated Child. [/h1]


I don't see anything wrong with other producers from other states creating their ideas and sharing their ideas regarding "Justice for All."

General Issues / Father's Rights Concert!!!
Oct 18, 2007, 08:12:53 PM
I wish that there was one.  

What I would like to do is start the process on producing a concert for artists who support shared parenting.  It would show the media that shared parenting is a real issue that is in need of immediate and sincere attention.  

You can see various artists in our society who have songs which are about the struggles of divorce. Checkout my site for an example of some artists and songs which have some type of father, parenting, or unshared parenting in general.

I may setup a forum or focus group area on the site if needed.  But I would like ideas from as many people as possible on this topic.  

The main problem is: I don't have any connections; only a guitar, voice, and a few poems.  (plus i'm no celeb)  

Ideas, comments, and suggestions are welcome and sought after.


Wa State has a female Governor and 2 female U.S. Senators and unshared parenting.  So that is my suggestion for venue and jurisdiction.
Hi Everyone,

I'm ready for your comments and suggestions.  Please take a look at my site

I had to do something.  It's just a collection of songs and videos that I think pertain to the child custody, divorce, support, and overall feelings throughout my ordeal and others.  

Please take a look and let me know if you want anything added to the lists.  


General Issues / Happy New Year from FatherTime
Jan 02, 2007, 12:00:56 PM
Happy New Year Everyone.  

I hope that this is a positive year for father's, mother's, and their children.

Hi All,

 I hope that you are having a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope that you have your loved ones with you and can enjoy the time together.

I just wanted to make a shout out to one of us, who won't be stuffed this thanksgiving.  John Murtari.

I think that the turkeys are all of the men who don't know, don't care, or don't bother to do what is right for themselves and their kids.  John is doing what he can.  He's not turkey.

God Bless to Mr. Murtari.  I am thinking of him.  I am sorry for him and his son.  It's hard to spend the holidays in there, especially when it's for your child and you can't be with them.  Time will help him mend his wounds.  But it is hard on his body.  

Happy Thanksgiving


To write to John Murtari:
John Murtari, POD 5A-7
Inmate Correspondence
555 S. State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202-2104


Mr. Charles Keller Esq.
Att: Murtari Legal Defense
9416 Carousel Center Drive
Syracuse, New York 13290
General Issues / Teaching Man Hating in College.
Mar 28, 2005, 05:00:03 AM
Soon there will be doctorate degrees...

Please read the article at:

The Letter to the Editor is to the University of New Hampshire newspaper's editor.

The New Hampshire (University Newspaper)

You will have to register to view the actual article that follows in text format.


Discrimination at MUB Event
Published: Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To the Editor:

On Thursday, March 10, I attended the "Patriarchy Slam," sponsored by the outspoken Feminist Action League. My rights as a student were not respected.

The event was advertised around campus through flyers that simply stated the time and place and said to bring poetry and stories to share. At no point did it say: No Men Allowed.

Upon arriving at the event, I was told by Ms. Meagan Smith, the coordinator, that as a man I would be intimidating. As such, during the open microphone part of the evening, I would have to leave. I assured them that I had no intent to be disruptive in any way, but that would not suffice. Being a man was reason enough to be excluded.

Throughout the first part of the evening, the girls sang songs about "man-hating" and glamorized it. They also read poetry about castration and cutting off men's genitalia. The girls wore scissors around their necks. It was angry, violent, hateful speech.

After the Orwellian-style hate mongering part of the evening had ended, they violated my rights as a student.

One of them pointed to me and then pointed to the door. I was the only person singled out, and it was based upon my gender. As I was leaving, they confiscated my program, which they had handed out. Evidently, they do not want the public knowing what was said that night.

What happened that night should not be tolerated on this campus. The event itself, by its own design and conduct, was not in keeping with the University values of tolerance and diversity. Secondly, what happened to me was discrimination. I hope people take this article seriously and consider whether or not the Feminist Action League should be allowed to have more events on this campus.

David Huffman
Senior '05


Also, a response by Newspaper Writer....

Man Hatred OK At
University Of New Hampshire

By Shannon O'Neil
The New Hampshire (University Newspaper)

Feminism and controversy surged throughout campus on March 10. Black and white flyers depicted a drawing of a woman grasping onto a hammer with "FEMINISM" on the handle. In the middle of the female symbol fists were clenched and space above the woman read: "If I had a hammer...I'd SMASH Patriarchy." A bubble by her face said, "I FOUND IT!"
UNH students found it, too.
Approximately 40 people attended the Patriarchy Slam organized by the Feminist Action League (FAL). ..The event, featuring poetry readings, skits, monologues and an open microphone, was designed to give women a space to share their experiences of oppression in a comfortable setting, Megan Smith, a member of the FAL, said.
"[The event was designed to] encourage women to confront the perpetrators who are men," Smith said. "Ninety-nine percent of sexual perpetrators are men. They are the root cause of the rape and oppression against women."
The FAL's hatred of the patriarchy, a male-ruled society, was decoratively affirmed with 10 hanging balloons, each displaying a letter of the word "patriarchy." Each was dramatically popped throughout the event, symbolizing the eradication of the patriarchy.
"This is a place where women can feel empowered," Smith said. "There aren't many places in the world where women can speak out against those who have oppressed us, beat us and raped us."
The name of the event mimics the aggression that men exert, Smith said.
"'Slam' is an aggressive word, but slamming is the classic way men respond," she said. "They feel threatened and shape it as hate. It's an aggressive word, but it shouldn't get in the way of our message."
...Monologues by members of the FAL poked fun at feminist stereotypes and set the tone of an evening of sarcasm and wit.
"Hello, my name is Mary Man-Hating-Is-Fun," one participant said. "I am 23 years old, and I am what a feminist looks like. Ever since I learned to embrace my feminist nature, I found great joy in threatening men's lives, flicking off frat brothers and plotting the patriarchy's death. I hate men because they are men, because I see them for what they are: misogynistic, sexist, oppressive and absurdly pathetic beings who only serve to pollute and contaminate this world with war, abuse, oppression and rape."
Members of the FAL wore scissors around their necks, as members of the audience lightheartedly sang a song about castration.
One woman told tales of five of her friends who have been raped, one, tragically, by a stepfather. Another talked about being ridiculed for her virginity, another of being discriminated against for a lesbian relationship, and another of witnessing her mother's boyfriend sexually abuse her.
Others spoke of oppression and sexual assault here on campus. Through passionate and at times tear-choked words, the MUB became a sexist battle zone at lunch hour, and bulletin boards in dorms became canvasses for chauvinistic, offensive graffiti.
The issue of men's entitlement to women's bodies for sexual pleasure was raised by one woman. She claimed that she's been told by men that dancing provocatively at clubs is "just asking" for rape.
"Why does my dancing have to be about pleasing them? Why can't it just be about me?" she asked.
Women's magazines were also targeted as FAL members denounced the sex expert of a popular publication. The experts, they said, encourage women to give in to men's sexual fantasies, even if they don't feel comfortable or even have a medical condition that would make the acts painful.
"Thanks for reminding me that the purpose of sex is male pleasure and entitlement!" one FAL member sarcastically exclaimed.
"This is what women get for advice when they don't like it or feel uncomfortable or have an illness! This is rape!" Smith stated.
The connection between rape and pornography was also explored.
Whitney Williams read quotes from pornography sites, one of which described giving women vodka and then having sex with them.
"What does it sound like? Rape!" she exclaimed.
"We're told porn is sexually arousing to women, but porn looks a lot like rape to us," Smith said. "It's encouraging a rape culture."
A skit about a controversial Socratic Society meeting asserted that women who watch pornography are traitors to women.
"Women who use porn are being complicit in the oppression of women," one woman said. "They are legitimizing an industry that enslaves women and they are traitors to their gender."
But not every woman in the audience agreed.
One woman walked onto the stage and nervously stated that she'd been contemplating speaking for a long time. ..."I like porn. And guess what? I've been raped," she said. "I'm not a gender traitor. I take control of my sexuality, and rape isn't always as clearly cut as we think. Some women like sex. You're fighting yourself if you turn on women who like porn."
The woman walked out of the room and left a stunned and silent audience behind.
A member of the FAL then spoke in rebuttal, stating, "If you like porn, you're ignoring the fact that many women are sexually trafficked into this industry." She continued that 30 percent of all pornography is made against the women's will and that 75 percent of women were raped or sexually abused before they were porn stars.
But just as the FAL is infuriated with our society's obsession with pornography, some people, like David Huffman, a contributor for UNH's conservative publication "Common Sense," were offended by the event's messages. Huffman also was the only audience member who was asked to leave during open microphone. The reason: women would feel uncomfortable with him there, members of the FAL said.
"It was advertised as a public event, nowhere did the posters say 'Women Only,'" Huffman said. "They excluded me from a public event based upon my gender. There were a few other men there who were allowed to stay, but I was singled out in particular. Excluding one person from a public event is almost impossible to justify unless they are disruptive, which I was not. This is discrimination."
"[This] was an evening of man hating. This is no different than any other extremist organization that...promotes stereotypes," Huffman said.
He found the subject of castration particularly offensive.
"The poems that talked about castrating men were threatening, along with the scissors the girls wore around their necks," he said. "Ms. Smith read a poem where she said that she was proud to hate men. How is this any different than hating African-Americans or Jews?
"What I heard last night was not feminism; it was a hate rally," he continued. "I went there with an open mind, thinking the patriarchy was only that group of sexist, chauvinists that discriminate against women. Ms. Smith said that all men are the enemy. This is clear cut sexism and blind hatred."
But Rob Wolff, a member of the Men Against Patriarchy, an organization that is considered an ally to the FAL, thinks that the event's messages were justified.
"Women have to face threats from men everyday all their lives in subtle and obvious ways," Wolff said. "I hope men are confronted. That's what it's going to take. Events like this are the beginning of a women's revolution."
And this women's revolution, he argued, is not initiated by a sexist organization.
"That view is fundamentally misguided," Wolff said. "Sexism is a weapon against the chronically disempowered. Men are empowered by society and anyone who claims the FAL is sexist is missing the point."
Although Huffman may have been outnumbered at the Patriarchy Slam, he certainly isn't alone on campus: Williams' columns have sparked a flood of angry op-ed responses, showing that the members of the FAL aren't the only ones on campus using words to slam.
First published March 25, 2005

The New Hampshire (University Newspaper)

General Issues / Keep an eye out for ...
May 27, 2004, 02:52:52 AM
General Issues / Cool Blog.
Dec 03, 2003, 09:17:05 PM

This page looks like it is current and updated daily.

It's Local to North Carolina.:P

Visitation Issues / I must be tired of the BS...
Aug 15, 2004, 04:00:13 PM
I have to take my 8 year old daughter back to her mother today, less than 2 hours.  I have had her for only 4 weeks.

 Last year I had my daughter for 5 weeks.  I let her go home for a baby shower for her new baby brother then.  I thought that I was giving up a week for my daughter, to let her participate in the baby shower.  I should have had six weeks last year.

This year the mother of my daughter arbitrarily decided 4weeks.  "It's the Guidelines."  I live within the jurisdiction of the cookie cutter court of Yakima County in the femily law state of Washington.  

I feel that everything that i have done and tried are worthless and there is nothing that I can do as a NON-CUSTODIAL parent.

I feel like for the next two weeks that are left of the summer, that I should do something to make up for the lost time.  So it looks like it's time to get my sign made up and start walking the streets.  


I'm so tired of this BS.

The only time this father can get is hard time.

Custody Issues / Alienated
Jul 16, 2008, 07:17:39 PM
Well, it's been two months since I've seen my daughter.  The last time that I saw her was on my birthday over two months ago.  I am thinking of just giving up on her.  I'll still fight for father's rights, but I think I'm out of luck and soooo tired of trying to be a father.  I'm just a paycheck.

I have gone above and beyond what any other father in my circle would do to stay in their childs' lives.  I got a felony trying to stay in her life.  I ran into a judge's chamber in California and yelled at the judge.  It was because of a moveaway (kidnapping). I thought that it worked out for the best because my daughter and her mother moved back here after I got out of my jail time.  But she only moved back here because she thought that I couldn't leave California.  She even stated that she thought that I couldn't leave California in the court papers here.  The mother has done so much to show that she was trying to alienate me and the courts were mute.  

For the last two years, I have had minimal phone contact (1 phone call) with the mother.  Whenever I call, the mother doesn't answer the phone.  She has my daughter call me back.  I have had to plan all p/ups and drop/offs through my now 12 year old daughter.  But now she, my daughter,  just doesn't want to see me.  It's funny but the words that she used when I spoke with her were words that an adult would use and she caught herself and tried to reword it in her own words.

This is too hard to talk about.  Anyway, here is my question:

What do I do?  File for change of custody or quit?

Custody Issues / Ideas on going to the Media.
Oct 30, 2006, 07:02:28 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm going to the press Finally.  Wednesday night is when I go public.  Court is on Thursday. (postponed: I am making sure all facts are in order, don't want a lawsuit.)  I'll hand the court commissioner and opposing counsel the same content that I will have already given to the press.  A little fair warning, ONLY because I feel that they have been victimized by the PBFH as well.  I don't want to piss them off, I am just doing what I have to do.  It's time that I stood up and said Enough.  

I have really good content and valid points and arguments.  I'll have supporting documentation online, covering my case and also gender discrimination in general for the press to review.   I'll have one letter typed up which will be clear and concise.  I don't want to have to try and speak it out in court because they'll just turn me off.  If I hand them a letter, then the court will have to admit that they received the information that I have always tried to present.  

Also, another factor is how do I this so that it doesn't hurt my daughter in any way.  She may see her Dad on tv over this, and I don't know if it will make her feel good or bad.  I'm just worried about how it will affect her.  

I'm definitely doing this.  I'm also Firing my court appointed attorney.  (didn't fire her, she is looking at docs)Someone must have thought that it would be funny to give a father right's activist a timid and inexperienced female attorney.  

I've been on the local news on several occasions already, so I have some practice and experience speaking to the public.

I would just like to get some thoughts on how you would go about making a total a$$ of yourself by spotlighting wrongs in the system.  It will embarass them, and myself.  

Does anyone have any good suggestions or ideas for maximizing my effort?

I am looking for content to support gender discrimination in the court system.  Any good links, content, or other supportive material would be appreciated.
Father's Issues / Slogans needed.
Jun 11, 2008, 09:55:35 PM
Hello Everyone,

I need some help with slogans.  I am going to be streetwalking with a placard, while I am dressed up as "FatherTime" on "Father's Day".  I have come up with two so far, but I am not sure if they are exactly what I want to say.  
One side.... It's Father Time  
Other side.... Gender Bias in Family Court

I will have a printout of the Parenting Act study by Diane Lye, which stated certain things about the county in which I reside in Washington State.

I have recently been totally alienated from my daughter... no father's day for me.  My brother is in the family court now and they are ignoring the truth.  No father's day for him either, because of the temporary parenting plan.

I live in a state with a female governor, and two female U.S. Senators.  I do want to address the state issue, as well as address the national issue of states allowing gender discrimination, the way I see it... It is no different than racial discrimination.

I'd like to get some feedback on peoples thoughts on giving these medications to children who are claimed to be ADHD/Bipolar.

My niece is on some very serious meds. I think that she doesn't need them and so does my brother. We think that her mother uses these docs/meds/ss for her own individual reasons. The child is not in school and they are headed to femily law.

I'd like some opinions if you have any...

Thank you,


Frontline PBS, The Medicated Child.


Father's Issues / Know your enemy
Aug 12, 2007, 01:56:31 PM
I went to a website that I thought would be good for words of wisdom and daily strength information.  Was I in for a surprise.

You should take a look and try and understand the "DarkSide."

[a href=,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,53/func,showcat/catid,895" target="_blank]Click Here for Daily Strength[/a]

Father's Issues / PAS is real.
Jul 26, 2007, 06:07:31 PM
Just another case of it here.

Father's Issues / Buy yours today...
Apr 06, 2007, 05:57:52 PM
It's too bad I'm across country from this guy.  I'd buy a box of cigars, they'd read "It's a Bribe."  (it's a's a girl)

 I wish that I could buy one of these.

Father's Issues / I saw this in Sunday's Paper...
Dec 04, 2006, 10:55:15 PM
I saw a Dear Abby'ish editorial from the Dallas Morning News.

[a href=]Dallas[/a]

I couldn't believe the response by the advice columnists.  They were all more than willing to just write the dad off, because the mother was afraid.  She admitted that he was a good father.  She admitted that she took part in the fighting that made the young child cry and shake.  She asked for strategies to help her better handle the situation, but the columnists all agreed to take the child from the father.  

There are many other alternatives to removing the father.  It just goes to show how the younger generation sees the role of the father.  They make too many assumptions about the father without really knowing enough about the case.  They heard only one side of the story and ran with it.  

Such good advice from young and inexperienced advice columnists.  (NOT)

The sad thing is that it looks like a whole generation is lost.  A mother can do no wrong, even when she admits it.  She admitted to fighting in front of the child.  It caused the child cry and shake, but it is somehow only his fault?  The mother is kind enough to "allow him to visit her on a regular basis" even though it may be court ordered and the court has already addressed the issue.  Somehow these young advice columnists are smarter than the judge who saw the rest of the information.

I'm not pro abuse, I am against domestic violence.  But what about the rest of the story?  Where is the common sense, dv shelter, police and etc?

Any comments?  

I am going to write a letter to their editor tomorrow.


I had to post to their forum.

[a href=][/a]

Thanks for reading...
I was out scouring the net for information about equal parenting time.  I was suprised to find this information at the Republican Party website for Washington State.

Resolution #2

Check it out [a href=]here[/a]

or copy and paste

It's nice to see some progress.

Check it out...
Father's Issues / Frustrated.
Jan 15, 2004, 03:03:55 PM

Nothing really to say.

I just feel sad and depressed.  This crap isn't easy.  I'm getting tired of it all.  I try and try and nothing seems to matter.  The court doesn't want to deal with what they see as old news.  

I had court today.  It was the same old railroad.

I've never been able to get the truth out.  

I just want to let the people who come to this site that it's hard on all of us here.  

I don't know what to do.
I took my daughter to Claire's today to buy my daughter some things.
I saw hats with the "Boys are Stupid....Throw rocks at them" slogan.

Can I get some help on this?

Customer Service - Claire's/Icing by Claire's
Phone:1-800-CLAIRES (1-800-252-4737)
E-mail:[email protected]

I'm writing an email tonight.



Here is a changed version of Brent's sample letter to Universal Studios:

I am writing in regards to some extremely offensive merchandise offered for sale by Claire's.

I'm referring specifically to the "Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" hats that Claire's sells.

I would hope that Claire's will also have a sense of social conscience and opt do the right thing by pulling these hats from your stores. Selling these hats may be amusing to some, but the message they send is offensive to many, and insensitive (at best) to half the population.

My family does not condone violence towards anyone and I would never allow my daughter to wear a hat that suggested they assault another human, especially based on their gender. These shirts are a fine example of gender-based hatred and discrimination, and they are a discredit to Claire's' integrity as a responsible and ethical corporate citizen.

In addition, these hats are an insult to anyone who has ever spent money at Claire's. I was appalled that Claire's would offer this kind of merchandise, and  I will not patronize a corporation that promotes violence against children. Most people no longer find these kinds of messages to be "humorous" or acceptable, and they vote with their wallets and pocketbooks.

Rest assured I will never take my children to visit Claire's, or spend money in any Claire's store. In addition, I'll take every opportunity to explain to people I meet how Claire's promotes violence against children by the sale of these incredibly offensive and hateful products.

I'm sure you would agree that a hat promoting violence against girls would be in extremely poor taste, and would be boycotted by any number of groups, such a the National Organization for Women. A hat promoting violence against boys is no different, and I hope that you will act accordingly to prevent Claire's from helping to perpetuate violence against children of either gender.

I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you.
Father's Issues / Sarasdaddy2k2
Jan 06, 2004, 01:32:50 PM
I was looking through the social security website and found a form for you to fill out and explain your situation.  Maybe you can get your daughter's last known address through them.  

You could use her last known address to file in that jurisdiction and post in a local paper the summons to appear for the child custody determination.  You would also have to serve a copy to the address given by the social security administration.

go here:

I hope this can help