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I'm sorry to hear about this Davy.  My sincere sympathies.   :'(
Cancelled due to illness.
Mom of two said:

"Additionally, children have no say at all in situations regarding custody and parental time sharing."


After the age of 12?  I'm pretty sure that here in Yukima the commissioner's listen to a child's wishes.  Although, they may not do exactly what the child wants, they do listen.  So your statement in regards to "no say at all in situations regarding custody and parental time" is incorrect, in my opinion.  I am not an attorney or liewyer.

You didn't say which county you resided in, nor where your child and mother reside.

Some counties are better than others. ( (

Those pages should have all of the forms that you should need.  Some counties have additional forms and procedures. 

Listen to that lawyer.  He/she will have pearls of wisdom if you will listen.  There is a certain way that things are done and that too varies by location and commissioner/judge. 

Here's a good site out of the UK, which has some parenting plan guidelines along the 50/50 shared parenting concept.  They are for informational use only.  You can and should be flexible as needed. (

Don't get your hopes up, but don't be totally negative either.  The parenting plan is something that you really need to think about and put some reasonable thought into the development of your parenting plan. 

Don't worry about your son being adopted out, she needs you to agree to that.  So you will always have your son.  Even if you can't be there now or when you would like to be there for him.  Take a moment and really appreciate the beauty that you have in your child.  Be thankful and respectful.

It's about time.

It's ...
FatherTime. (
Enjoy some music.
All of the media outlets have email addresses on their individual websites and you can contact them at their respective email accounts.   

Don't get your hopes up if one or two do contact you and they even decide to run a story.  Your not dealing with a poor single mother, DV regarding the innocent mother, or running for political office.

Our apathetic society has the attention span of kid in a candy store.  You can try and get their attention, but their favorite show is on in 30 minutes and they still need to get their soda, popcorn, bon bons, and check out their facebook wall.   

I have a project of sorts going on right now.  I am preparing a concert for the saturday before father's day.  The music list is at my site: (

Just some advice from experience.

Good Luck.



p.s. My karma registers a negative 3.  I don't know what that exactly means, but I like it.  Hopefully it's just the trolls.   I don't really care though.   Wow.  I just noticed on the issue of karma on this site, Davy, who gives a lot of great advice on pro father issues is -359.  He's got me beat.
Visitation Issues / Me too. PAS sucks. NM
Oct 07, 2009, 09:06:04 PM
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IF the police are a part of the problem, go past them to county sherriffs.  The police should be there to protect and not take sides.  The reality of the situation is that police tend to always take the side of the lil' innocent mother and her baffoons.  Family court also is a county court, whereby the county sherriff has more pull in court than lowly police department.  Learn the distinction and it may serve you well.


Hi Kitty,

I have it on the site. Thank you for your suggestion.  I believe that I added it because of your suggestion earlier. 

Thank you also for helping so much on the boards.

Thanks Davy,

I'm updating the website right now, so the videos aren't all showing.  I'll have them fixed and working soon. 

You're right, we need more Fathertime.
Hello Washingtonians,

I am attempting to hold a Father's Rights concert on the saturday before Father's Day of next year.  I am working on logistics right now.

I need to gather some bands to play for free and within the guidelines of father friendly songs. 

You can see some songs which I have in mind on my website. (  If you know of other songs of interest to add, you can send me the link, name, and other specifics on the contact us page.

It will be an all day concert or one set, depending upon the interest of others.  It will be in Yakima County.  It is centrally located within the state, and close to home for me. 

Please let me know if you are interested in helping, playing, or attending this 1st Annual Father's Rights Concert. 

Thank you,