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probably the whole summer lol If i don;t get a answer from her,I'm sorry but she not fit to to be a mother i been going through this a long time been out of court for the same bull man...I had a order of protection but was dropped because I did not do nothing, every time i speak to her about my daughter, her father has to get into our biz, there's no way talking to her about anything, i believe she has mental problems she acting like a young girl, she denies to give me her medicaid, she did not put me in the child emergency blue card, and now she won;t give me a answer about our daughter 2 weeks stay with me and writing stupid comments on facebook saying, that her father is my kids father that really upset me what mother does that? and I'm trying to talk to her making her realize that it does not have to be like this, than she want to threat with me order of protection, like come on dude im not harassing you I'm concern about my daughter....
I have visitation every other weekend, while the mother has physical custody, and we share alternating every 2 weeks in the summer.The mother has been violated visit's in the past, i was awarded make-up time back in Jan 2011 or 12 i believe...Now my court order says alternating 2 weeks but no set day or time, so I'm trying to ask the mother when can i have her? she won't give me a answer, she said if i keep texting her she going to block my number and have her number changed...This is ridicolus i have to go threw this, she 25 years old live with her mom,married,live with her parents and her husband and having another kid on the way while my daughter sleep with her grandparents...why be a mother if she can;t contact me regarding our daughter i'm willing to talk to her but she can;t do that
and another issue, when i had my child over the weekend,  i filled out the emergency blue card.So when i return the child back home; a few weeks later i questioned the mother asking her," did she return the blue form? she said yea...but when we had that dispute about the medicaid thing, i wanted to know what else she want up, so i went to the school and found out the blue card with my information wasn;t there only the mom, because they gave the child 2 blue emergency cards, she threw mines out, or she just didn;t send it, only hers...thats how a bitch she is...

her parents work and she work, what something happend? who they going to contact when they make it in time? that's why if sole legal was appropiate? but i speak to a lawyer
yea, i don't really want to be in that court house, but she wants drama, all she has to do is be like," yea sure, here's her medicaid take care," but no she wants to play me like I'm a fool, and always gotta bring me into it, i told her is not about u and me anymore blah blah.So she told me next month she has to go, so that when i asked than i take her, give me her medicaid card, she told me NO, LEAVE HER ALONE...
Yea i will go to the school tomorrow and find out i have the joint legal custody court order, in case they don;t give me the info, and maybe the child does not have a dental DR, i believe the mother is lying and never took the child, that's why she don' tell me the location, OK, so what happens if i do get the records, should i still go to court and file a violation because of her denying me access? or to take to my child to the dentist, because i know my ex, if my daughter do have a appointment she going to give me a hard time...
oh really? wow, crazy, i could ask the grandmom but she going to be like i have to call the mother because she compliance with her too.But i will be talking to a lawyer soon and what can i do, cuz this never ends is something always new, she been violated my visits many times, she feels like she has the upper hand, and i ask for the copy she says," leave her alone, and don;t i got other things to do," i really want to have full custody, and i think i should address that as way, when i went to get my daughter for visits, front of my daughter her mother had a fist fight front of my kid... cops came and everything. but no police was filed.. and i did my ex a favor and dropped her off at friends and that i get treated this way...
i asked her just now, if i could get a copy of the dental records,waiting for her answer
yea i trying to but she won;t disclose me with that information...she upset or whatever....and she being  a ass about it..
Me and my ex live in NYC, and our daughter is 6 we have joint legal custody , while her having physical custody, and me every other weekend visits.I ask if my daughter been to the dentist, she told me yea last summer, than i ask my daughter if mommy took you she told me," no" but the ex giving me a hard time providing information, seems like she doesn;t want me to take her or something, i really try to co-parent with her but she wants to take things her way, i would like find out, but i need my kid medicaid she going to denied me that, cuz we had a dispute about that...

if she denying to take my kid to the dentist, can i file for sole legal? or is not that bad of a situation?
Visitation Issues / court order to be enforced?
Nov 14, 2012, 06:46:04 PM

mother violated visitation 6 times with 3 years.I have every other weekend visits and she has physical custody, and we share joint legal custody..If i file for a enforcment what are the options? because she violated my visit on October 19, and left to Dominican Republican without my permission,and telling me my daughter would be back with her grandmom and it was a lie. I wont file custody, but i want more visitation with my daughter who 6 years, and me and the mom live in NYC, i told her let me have her 1 week with her and i take her to school . and she could 1 week with her, she said no. that's not stable.and talking crap about me....I'm trying to talk to her many times, but is like talking to a 15 year old, i will be seeing a lawyer soon. any idea would be great, Should i be filing for Joint custody?