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If he wants to soon or later establish paternity, and be on the birth certificate, and wants to see his kid he could file for visitation in court and you would have to back.So trying to talk to him if he wants to be in the kids life or not
is really hard for her to commuincate with me,she didnt even add me on the child emergency contact on the hospital or the schools.She wants to go to court and think she could get everthing she wants,like im not a father or dont exist
we had court date nov 10,and the judge ask if i filed anything,i said no.So i was appointed a lawyer, so now i have court date Dec 10,2011.And yes she wants sole legal custody because she already have physical custody,and i have alternating weekends and holidays,and alternating 2 weeks in the summer.I just need to add specific date and time,because she wants to go to another country in the summer,so visit family i don't even know.

she just want me out of her life and the child,i don't trust her because she ran away with my child on her birthday May 27,2011 i filed a police report and a violation but case got dimissed with out prejudice,i mean i sign the passport but she has to be back with in 2 weeks

is it possble to change the visitation shecdule? i dont want pickup-and drop off my child at the precint mother or grandmom drops the child late all the time,and always causing problems in the precint they dont how to behave like adults.I;m willing to pick up the child at school 3pm and drop her off monday morning
The Dec 8 is what she accusing me of and she wants sole legal to go to Domician Republican,and i filed a violation on her what she did on thanksgiving so they add it all together same date.
State of:NY

I have every other weekend visits and holidays,and joint legal custody.I was violated 2 times back in 2010 and was award make-up visits.And than was denied on my daughter bday this year,but the mother false accused of domestic violence.So case got dismissed,but I'm still fighting the order of protection.

So i have another accusation the mom is saying,"i don't feed my daughter,don;t bath her' that i was diagnose with retardation,she wants sole legal custody,because she want to flight out the country to see family,and she wants to suspend my visits!!

And now on thanksgiving i have my daughter 12-7 supposed to get the child at the precint,i got a txt from the Grandmother claiming the child is sick,and the mother was going her to the hospital,but didnt give me information on her health,and visit was denied.

so i went to the hopsital friday,and found out my name is not on the emergency contact,and also i got the record that the child was admitted but discharge same day,not serious,child is well,and could return work/school and no medication was given!

so is the mother held of contempt?? i have the childs medical records,and if the mother is held in contempt what action can i take? i have court date dec 8
maybe not enough evidence,or ya didn't represent ya self to well,did you had a lawyer? if not refile again and ask the court to appoint you one
Visitation Issues / Re: Denied Visitation - OH
Nov 27, 2011, 06:31:12 PM
I'm going thru what you going thru as well.If you have all the proof,just go to court and modify for custody.
Wow! i read most of it,i see u being reasonable with him,giving ya daughter for 1 week and you have the weekends with her because of your work shcdule.He should be able to understand,So if he puts you in court let him the judge would consider,"the best interest of the child,"and would grant him every other weekend.Which is less than what he is getting.

hope that helps and god bless
Visitation Issues / is mother in contempt?
Nov 25, 2011, 08:19:08 PM
I supposed to thanksgiving day with my daughter 12-7 by court order visits.But i have false accusation order of protection which im fighting for.So i get txt from my daughter grandmother saying the child is sick,and that she going to the hospital and that it no further information from the mother.

So i have exchange to pick-up and drop off my daughter at the precint,And i try to get a police report,but the cop didn;t, he "said if the child is sick than she sick"So he call the grandmom asking if it tru and she said,"we have a doctor note.

is that a vaild reason to denied visitation? is she held in contempt? i could of took the child to the hosptial.So today i have visits again,and her grandmom dropped her off the child seem very well just a lil cold,and the starting up a arguement,and i told her i could of took her to the hospital,she said no because u a bum,insulting me of my child,and she was talking to the child mom on the phone..

I don't know what to do,evertime i get my child and try to be a parent they wanna fight,and insult me