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Feb 21, 2024, 06:42:30 AM

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Downloads: The Disenfranchised Father

The Disenfranchised Father

The Disenfranchised Father


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  • Created: Sep 10, 2023, 08:05:52 PM
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The Disenfranchised Father
Schenectady, New York

There is no substantive right to “so tenuous a relationship” as visitation by a non-
custodial parent . I cannot agree that the Constitution of its own force establishes any
such right for a non-custodial parent (Quotation marks added)

Divorce is one of life's greatest traumas It is a process--not an event--that begins much
earlier and continues years after the granting of the decree. It is especially painful when
children are involved--often an emotional, social, and economic disaster for all concerned.