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Downloads: History of the Men's Rights Movement

History of the Men's Rights Movement

History of the Men's Rights Movement


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THE HISTORY OF THE MEN'S MOVEMENT                                      ASCII File
1997 edition by Francis Baumli, PhD. And Tom Williamson
Copyright: Tom Williamson 1997
(Special thanks to Francis Baumli, Ph.D., for all
of his help.)


Its been 13 years (1984) since this history was submitted to the publisher, New Atlantis Press and included in the book, Men Freeing Men. Men Freeing Men came out in book stores in 1985. Much was left out. At the time, Francis Baumli, Ph.D., who edited Men Freeing Men, wanted a short account of how the men's movement began and what had happened since its beginning. Without any budget I undertook documenting something that had never been documented before. I compiled a list of things that had happened for the "first" time. I also set about to document the founding of the various wings and organizations within the men's movement who would play an influential role. Beyond that it seemed important to me to provide a historical backdrop and rationale for the formation of the whole thing.

The history begins in 1960, but there were isolated elements in the 1950's that led up to the first national organization in 1960. Ken Pangborn's latter efforts to help form PACE (Parents And Children for Equality), one of early national organizations devoted to father's rights,  were left out due to space considerations. In the same fashion the accounts of George Doppler concerning the spin off organizations from CADRE were left out.

Finally feminism's association with Communism/Socialism in the 1940's and 50's, compared with the thinking of earlier women's movements in America are important when piecing together the thinking that came to dominate gender politics. The Socialist thinking (which gained such prominence during the 1960's) primarily influenced the formation of the Feminist Men's Movement. Special thanks go to Francis Baumli who played an integral role as editor and fact checker both for this history and for the epilogue which follows.

Having said all of this I present to you the original text of the History Of The Men's Movement as published in Men Freeing Men: Exploding The Myth of The Traditional Male.