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Apr 21, 2024, 02:05:52 PM

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I'm a good parent. Why would anyone believe these accusations?

I'm a good parent. Why would anyone believe these accusations?

In many cases, the investigating organizations treat abuse accusations as substantive by default even though no supporting evidence exists. These organizations, in their zeal to "protect children," often ignore evidence that would disprove the charges, may fail to conduct a thorough and competent investigation, or may disregard the context of the charge, i.e. the fact that it is surfacing during a divorce or custody dispute. 

The social services organization that investigates the allegation(s) is empowered to immediately remove the children from the home or prohibit the accused from having any contact with the children. They may do this regardless of the facts of the case. 

The judicial system, in turn, relies upon the findings and the report of the investigating organization(s), and will often prosecute a charge on their word alone. In essence, these kinds of allegations are taken as true ("believed") in part because of the inappropriate and ill-considered policies of the judiciary and the social services organizations.

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