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What to do?

Started by lissa68, Nov 29, 2003, 01:20:04 PM

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Here is the scenario.

Ex-wife threatens myself and child. Says that getting rid of child and myself is her only option left to get me out of her new life.

I take these threats, and go to file a emergency TRO, judge denies it, in less than 5 minutes. I then take these threats and try to file in the sheriffs office. They tell me its civil.

After all this has been done, I finally after 2 days get to speak to my child. She tells me that I don't want to see her anymore, when I try, I am denied visitation. She tells me its not her mommy's fault I can't see her. I did not tell her that my ex denies visitation.

1. So, what do I do? What are my options?

2. This is definitly leading into PAS.

3. Can I ask the school to intervene and request a pyschologist interview my child?


Lissa 68(husband)




What does your order say about visitation? If you have co visits and you are denied file contempt charges asap. Try EVERY time you are supposed to get a visit to pick up your child. Take an officer w/you to witness the denied visit if your city will send a stand by unit for this.

Have a witness w/you every time you have to be around your ex. Put a recording device on your phone and record the conversations. Check on this site to see if your state is a one or two party state. You can get the recording device at radio shack for around $35.

There are ways to catch them in the act it just takes time. Good luck;-)


Dr. D

I take any threat to a child implied or otherwise quite serious.  Inform the local law enforcement agency, child protection services, the school, your attorney, and a therapist.  Do you have custody - how does co read?  The school may agree to psychological testing if you have some control, However keep in mind,  most school psychologists deal primarily with learning -- not custody, PAS, etc.  When in doubt seek help from an outside therapist or other authority.  Dr. D


Altho I will not disagree with the experts that have given advice, I do have one question for them in relation to a situation similar to this.

What does one do when NO ONE wants to get involved?

When SRS lets kids live in a house that is condemnable,
the police ignore reports of guns being pulled on kids even after psychologists have called the authorities, even after bm has testified she does not have most household services (gas,heat,telephone,water,) in a court of law and yet the judge lets the kids live with mom.

Forget having the police come out and verify a denied visitation here, they will just tell you it is a civil matter and they can not get invovled.

The school doesn't want dad to give up his rights to these kids but yet the school doesn't "want to get invovled" altho teachers lied on the stand
when the kids were younger.

So what does one do in a situation like this?


Been there, done it. NO ONE wants to get involved and everyone will say it's civil. Meanwhile, while an attorney has both hands out for  money your kids get tormented. We tried every avenue possible and found the entire court system totally screwed up. After years of dealing with one of the most evil mothers on earth, we now have the left overs, which are drug addicts and drop outs. It sounds like you know what your dealing with so learn everything you can by reading and listening to people that were able to obtain what you want. You have to be willing to go the distance, keep it under your hat so the ex doesn't find out, and BE SMART. Don't let your anger and hurt get the best of you and remember, you can get more flys with honey. Short term sacrifices for long term goals... YOu have to use strategic planning and use it wisely. Think outside the box and you'll get your children.