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Jun 17, 2024, 01:53:14 PM

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Child's therapist refuses communication to NCP.

Started by CNTD, Dec 18, 2006, 02:32:48 PM

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My child is in court ordered therapy.

My X and I have tried medation, currently the timesharing is one hour EOW, supervised by X (baaaad idea). I would like unsupervised timesharing with my child, or even with someone who is neutral and the child can feel comfortable showing me affection and attention without feeling she's betraying X. During this "mediation" X and her attorney suggested that the child's current therapist provide "father & child" therapy for my child and I since the child (age 5 now) is familiar with her.

I have tried to contact this therapist, four times, and called her superior once, the last call was made last week. Her superior said "I'll get right back with you," and I haven't heard from him since. The therapy office is open 7 days a week 8 am- 8 pm.

I am fixing to compose a letter to the therapist and state I have attempted to contact her four times, with no response, her lack of response is evidence of her alliance with X, and should she not respond I will take that as confirmation and request (through the courts) the child seek a new therapist with a neutral frame of mind.

Any suggestions? Should I tell the therapist that I am going to request a new one should she fail to respond or would that be viewed as a threat?


I think you should post this to Dear Socrateaser because it seems like there should be an immediate change in the orders due to the refusal of the therapist to cooperate.

Who has legal custody of the child?

Why do you have supervised visits?

Do NOT agree to anything her attorney suggests. You are dancing with the devil. You are now going to be portrayed as an aggressor is you don't be careful.

You have ONE hour with your kid EOW? That is LUDICRIOUS! Why did you agree to this?

Do you have an attorey? If not, get one now. You are walking down the road to court ordered termination of your parental rights (they will cover it to look like you have rights, but the other parent will have all the say so and you will have no legal recourse ever and you will be cut out of your child's life).

Please go to Dear Socrateaser and get his opinion on things.

I think you need to get an attorney who will represent the rights you and your chid should have represented. You are being snowed. I would refrain from any more communication with the therapist. The therapist is being employed by your X and is part of the strategy against you. The therapist is going to be used as an expert witness against you. Be very careful how you step here.

If you do write any letters, be very careful - no threats. State your legal rights and include copies of all applicable orders so there is no question as to your statements. ALSO - VERY IMPORTANT - every letter you write - CC the other attorney AND THE COURT.

I urge you to take action immediately. Your relationship with your child is in great danger.