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Jun 17, 2024, 02:22:39 PM

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child support - back owed

Started by stwbshort, Jan 16, 2004, 06:36:38 PM

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no offense, but i really don't care if it goes back to the taxpayers.  he decided to QUIT his $14, $15 dollar an hour job and go on welfare. not me.  he's the one who should pay it back.

thanks for the link, i'll have to check it out.

Indigo Mom

-----no offense, but i really don't care if it goes back to the taxpayers. -----

I saw somewhere on that website that they're bragging because they collected something like 400 million dollars in "welfare debts".  Well...who paid for the welfare to begin with?  Taxpayers...so...each NCP they go after should be paying back the taxpayers...not giving the fricken state an extra 400 million.  Did I 'splain it right this time?  LOL

-----he decided to QUIT his $14, $15 dollar an hour job and go on welfare. not me. he's the one who should pay it back.-----

monster was making 13 an hour before he got all shrunk down with crack.  His habit before that was snorting coke...then it progressed to smoking actual crack!  Anyway, he did the same thing and got on welfare.  I don't know about you, but I most definitely would prefer the lifestyle $15 dollars an hour could bring over welfare ANY DAY.  I've never understood why people do this.

-----he's the one who should pay it back.-----

BINGO!  With all this new welfare to work crap, you'd think they would let the CP know up front that when they get employment, they'll owe this money back.  Kind of like a student loan, you know?

It's stupid to make an NCP pay a CP debt.  Never in a million years would a Judge have ordered monster to pay my utility bill!  


hehehehehehe,, methinks I struck a nerve. It seems mustang, you are the one cant take the heat. It's all fine and good when you are busy slamming someone else, isnt it?

So you are a private investigator eh? really,, gee, thats impressive, I suppose now I'm to shake in my boots, quiver in awe of your towering intellect? Not even bub.

Lets see , now what educational requirement did that take mustang?

You know whats funny mustang? I've been in emergency medicine a hellova long time and have heard just about every bull story out there,, and right now,, my bs meter is pingin off the scale where you are concerned.


     And blah blah.  Anyway I didn't want to post anymore but what the heck you guys seem to love this drama.  
     Heck, no more drama.  Fact is I do believe you are a caring mother Strwbry.  If you weren't you wouldn't put up with having to deal with your ex.  Same here, it's a pain in the a** but I'm putting up with my ex to make sure my daughter will be taken care of.  
     I just said there was a flaw (error) not lie.  I have gone to all the case site and read everything.  I still see problems.  This does not mean he didn't do it.  
     I did post alot of aggressive posts.  I can tell you its more of the fact that I am still heated about my situation.
     But I never alleged you lied.  I said there was a flaw.  If I believed you were lying, I would not hesitate to say it.
     If it makes you feel anybetter, I just got Child Support papers in the mail today!  Yeeha! I'll probably be paying at least 600 a month according to the calculations.  
     Important: For your daughters sake make sure you let her know that she did nothing wrong, and DO NOT HARP ON THE SUBJECT with her.  She needs to play and be a child again.  If you harp on the subject it will only make it worse on her.  Try and get a job that has daycare available or someway to be with her almost always.  Children need to have a stay at home parent!  Don't let strangers raise her!
    So,  I tell you what, I will apologize for being soo negative.  
Good Luck. and by Peanut!
  And by the way for the money part?  Here's your advice:  If he is found guilty, I don't think any judge in this world will make you pay it.  So relax, think about who is going to be your valentine this year and buy your daughter the Dancing Elmo, My daughter loved it!
  Have to go, there's another post I have to fall off my rocker about. LOL