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Jun 17, 2024, 01:07:00 PM

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can child support be denied

Started by LESLIEONE1, Oct 04, 2004, 05:38:43 AM

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CS isnt' for her children. It is to restore her ex husband to his level of tobacco and alcohol consumption before they had kids. They don't deserve one of those beers or cigarettes.


Leslie, I dont want you to get the wrong impression. I DO empathize,, btdt. Had to make hard choices. NCP's are faced everyday with that. Most WANT to be good parents, and arent afforded the opportunity due to cs.

I'd like to ask you one question: Do you think it right now if you were to be the cp, that you recieve cs?

Like I mentioned in another post, IF your ex is open to the idea, he can turn the cs over to you each month, because most courts are not allowing a no cs order these days. To take a motion into court like that is seriously a crapshoot, and could very possibly end up spending a couple grand in court for nothing.

Another lesson you have probably learned, is live within your own means, and not your means and someone elses.


yep. you have to realize I was receiving $466 a month from him for CS, although this figure was not accurate, i accepted it as it was immediate. So you add less the 466 per month i had been receiving and add the 345 which comes to 811 per month...could you survive?


>According to the NC CS calculator you would have to pay
>$343.55/mth in CS.

I wish I could just pay 10% of my gross income.  Mine is more like 38%.

>That is based on the info where you said the CP makes $100,000
>and you make $30,000.
>Are you saying that the rest of your expenses are so great
>that you can't pay the $343.55?


Both parents should share financial responsibility for the needs of their children at both homes. Pure and simple, if the kids would be harmed if they were not to receive something (food, roof, clothes, etc...), then both parents should share that responsibility.

If you believe that both parents should share financial responsibility for items which their children would be harmed if they were not to receive them, then in Leslie1's case, she should not pay $343.55 / mo. to her husband. Instead, an equitable child support award would have him paying child support to her.

Child support has never been about gender for me.